Another week...another wish

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Dear bloggers,
I am blessed with such a good summer and good books to read. Why did I put the quote above in my blog post? First of all, The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books and second of all, I am going back to be busy busy busy with work and school starting next week (boo!). The beginning of the school year always marked by a sense of excitement and then a nostalgic feeling after I am being drowned by works. Human must continue to strive and fight in order to survive and that is exactly how the real world is :'(

My summer pastime....tea, mochi and good books

~I have a meeting with the lovely Megan again for our back to school textbooks shopping (cost: $750). OMG!!!

~Remember that Target beauty box I got a while ago? I finally try out the nail polish strips that come with the box. It was funny because I was making fun of how it reminded me of giraffe. 
 ~It is called Queen of the Jungle. But honestly it should call shades of giraffe. First: you apply the stickers on your nails.
 ~Second you file the extra bit with a mini file they gave you
~And ta dah giraffe nails. haha!

And I'm having BEAUTY PRODUCTS REVIEW in my next post so stay tuned . The two items I will be reviewing are:

1. Tonymoly tomato mask
2. Etude house eye and lip makeup remover
  *yay* see? I'm not too lazy
Until next time...
XOXO Charlotte


Oh~hello there :D

Hello bloggers,
There is numerous people who hate the rain. They said it dampen their moods and overturned their normal lifestyles. I don't know about them but I love the rain. To me, the rain created a comfortable atmosphere that is neither lonely nor sad...And the lovely smell afterward is just divine. It was raining a couple of days ago and I have to run out and take this lovely picture of my mom's flower under the rain!

~Anyway, my friend Megan and I were having a sleepover the other day. It was great seeing her for quite some time. She was such a sweet girl!
~Excuse our awkward smiles
~So we were having a sleepover right? And Meg brought over this soften skin tub with wax inside that once melted you dipped your hands/feet/elbows and then wait until the wax harden. Then you can peel it off. After you peel it off, you have this amazing soft skin :D. She said they sell it at Bed, Bath and beyond :D
~Scary mannequin arm
~Also, the sweet girl brought over my late birthday present (because I was vacationing in Florida on my birthday)

~ She got me Italian dictionary because I want to learn Italian, some white out pens, bow clips, hello kitty knick knacks (obsessive over here lolz) and she knit me a leg warmer. Such lovely girl :D

~Then we went on a hike to Devils Head. It was a pretty hike and I missed being high up sometime

~The top!

~My mom's garden was doing quite well this summer. There were sunflowers everywhere in the backyard so I take some and rearranged them in flower vases.

~They are such lovely flowers. Their cheerful colors make me smile whenever I look at them :D
~Well, I will be spending a ton of money for textbooks soon *sigh*. Do you guys know any place beside chegg, amazon and ebay? Let me know!


Chasing after you...

Hello bloggers,
It must seem like a decade since I last updated my blog. I am a procrastinator lolz. I hope summer is going well for you guys. It is extremely hot where I stayed. Now, as I mentioned before, I took the summer off work and uni in order to recover :D. I've been hanging out with friends and family and read read read yay!
Two weeks ago, Nikky and I decided to do a photoshoot with my new camera. We go to downtown where all these crazy wall paintings are and we like hey! let take pictures here haha.

Colorful Photoshoot

Then here I am, all relaxed after the rain :)

~Sadly, Nikky and I got into another fight after this photoshoot. We can't stand each other sometime. She is so arrogant and make hurtful snide remarks (in which I'm sure she did it out of ignorance). Therefore, I decided to keep our distance until everything cool down. *sigh*

regular update
My sis and I decided to do a mini facial spa at origins and the nice workers there give us a bunch of sample. So far, I love their vitazing with spf 15 which acted like a tinted moisturizer. Light enough for summer with spf!!!

July 4th, my family and I went to our condo in the mountain and then to a parade near there. It was so festive!

red, white and blue!!!!!!!!!!! 'Murica :D
-The pretty view from our condo
I hope you guys have a super duper summer. Please let me know how you guys sorted out a friendship fight. I feel like I don't want to lose her but at the same time being with her is hurting me
-XOXO Charlotte


Catch me...summer!

 Hello bloggers!
Are you guys enjoying summer as much as I do? I took a summer break from my first year at uni. My god! I never realized how relaxing life use to be until now. Haha!
-So I've been addicted to Pinterest lately. I pinned a bunch of craft ideas but never actually got the time to start on any of the project due to school and work :'(. But now I can!!!
- First off, I ordered some fabric samples from Anthropologies to upholster my chair.Once I finished using the samples, I decided to make something out of these cute little fabric.

-I made these little pouches to carry random stuffs such as my iphone headphones, candies blah blah blah. I think they would be great to put jewelry as a gift for a friend (just tie a ribbon to secure the pouches)
Also, back in April, I ordered a beauty box from Target ($5). Usually, you got the little pouches for free but this time they actually charged you. I thought just give it a chance and I'm actually in love with their beauty box.

 -What in the box
  -Venus razor (yay! need some for the summer)

 -Sally Hansen Nail polish strips
-Fekkai hydrating cream

 - Laroche-Posay acne treatment and Loreal Paris bb cream in light. (I'm in LOVE with this bbcream)
 -I understand why they charge $5 for this box...it has excellent products. Target are thinking of doing sample boxes like birchbox and ipsy. If they do, I definitely subscribe <3 p="">--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-So I have a new camera and was playing around in my yard along with my doggies. Here is some shots.

- Ahhh! summer!
- I hope you guys have a great summer :D


Traveling journal part 2

Hello everyone,
Here is part 2 of my trip to Florida. Hope you guys enjoy.

-Birthday dinner with the beach view

Alligator Alley

-The calm and blue beach
-Florida is so humid (tropical almost) and yet it gives me a calm and relaxing moment.
-Where are you guys going for summer?
XOXO Charlotte