When the little dandelions fall!

Hello my lovely readers, I'm so sorry for not updating for a week now. Last week wasn't a very good week for me. Here are the highlights of last week:

1. Quit my job at Dairy Queen because the manager was being harsh and I can't seem to communicate with her at all. She want me to work from 5 o'clock PM to 1 o'clock AM. My parent didn't think it was a very safe idea so I quit.
2. Lost my real diamond earring when I go swimming
3. Forced to hang out with some family members I really dislike
4. And...try to save a lost dog in the middle of the highway (road) but failed to run after him so he end up got run over by a car.

~As you have know, the hardest one for me was the dog's loss. He was a collie and while we driving out to home depot to get some soil for our garden, we saw him in the middle of a really high speed road and so we try to stop all the other cars on the upcoming road and try to catch him but i failed to run fast enough and so he went head first into a car and with the high speed and the bad vision from the rain, he died almost instantly. When I make my way to the other side of the road, hoping to see him with little injures but instead I saw him with his cold body there, stiff and his eyes wide open. I cried for the first time in public that day, with the cops and everyone around me. Slowly, with my shaken hands I took off his collar to give to the cops but he didn't have the name, the poor dogs was from an animal shelter. I rarely cursed or bit my nail but I did both at the same time on that one afternoon when I found out that the truck driver who hit him was going at full speed at the dog and doesn't even stop even when he realized that he hit the collie.
~I realized then that the dog deserved better . I cried so much that my eyes still puffy now and I still see his wide eyes in my nightmare. I hope that he went to heaven safely with a cheerful after life waiting for him.

~I'm sorry for the dishearted piece.....
~ However, I want to update some pictures to let you guys know I wasn't death yet so here it's:

~Yeah, I curled my hair again. I look much older with curled hair eh?

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~Okay that's it for now. Thank you for listening to my story everyone. All the comments on my last post are just plain sweet. Once again I LOVE YOU GUYs!
~XOXO Charlotte


New shoe + half bath diet

Hey hey, everyone. Last Friday, I decided after finished the load of homework I got for the summer from AP classes that I will give my self a pamper day. So first off, I exfoliate my face using this pad:

~What else? Sugar and honey. You like -->O_o? lolz, sugar is a powerful exfoliate and the honey have nourishing functions to your skin and help it to stick better. Beside, you wash it out right after you exfoliate your face anyway ^^. I use this during the summer when my skin become too cakey and dead skin come out yeah gross XD.

Next step, I try the half bath diet that I just bought.

Picture credit: Eunha87 in soompi.com

What half bath diet does is it create a very hot environment that once you sit in, you will sweat a lot and start to lose weight. It's kind of like a sauna almost. Many Korean celebrities have been using this to lose weight. The one I used also help for detoxifying your body

~ the package is like tea and when I put it in the hot water and then like tea it make a brown color. XD

~ Also, I bought a new shoe, it's $7 in payless shoe. AE too ^^
~We also went to our condo in the mountain. It's very refreshing ^^

~ Cute little place eh?



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~That's it for now. Thank you! love you!
~XOXO Charlotte


Summer! Let's do something ^^

Hello my lovely readers ^^. I'm sorry for not updating lately, i've been stressed out with trainning for swimming <----if that make any sense. I twisted my ankle and got cramp and so I didn't feel that great to see other people get out of the pool before me =_=. I'm pretty competitive I guess. I hate being the last one to finish T_T. Anyway, beside that. You GUY MAKE MY DAY!!! ^^. HERE SOMETHING FOR ALL OF YOU!


~I just got in the mail some korean Herbal facial mask + half bath diet. I will review the half bath diet later. I've never tried it before XD

~Something mommy brought home from work. Lolz, it's so cute and yummy XD

~My breakfast, Japanese style Udon. Yum!

~So I woke up this morning at 10 o'clock and Walle makes me laugh when I saw him sleep next to me (he can jump on my bed). Here are some pictures I managed to took before he woke up XD. So cute!


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~That's it for now, thank you for reading. I love you guy so much!
~XOXO Charlotte.


Geum Jan Di *Boys Over Flower* makeup tutorial ^^

Hello everyone, today is tutorial time like I told you in the last post XP. This tutorial is inspired by Geum Jan Di in boys over flower. She have that really cute innocent look that I love ^^

Here all the products I used. You will need:

~Liquid foundation/bbcream



~Liquid Eyeliner

~Light beigh color eyeshadow

~Rosy blush


~Brow colors


~Red/pink lip tint or lip stick


~Jumbo eyecolor stick

~ Various brushes.

Step 1: Gather your best concealor. Here I'm using benefit and mac concealors, cover your flaws. Also I use bb cream on top to create a dewy base.

~blend it out with a foundation brush.

STEP 2: Gather your powder. I'm using Mac mineralize powder in NC30

~Use powder brush to blend it out evenly through your face in a CIRCULAR motion.

STEP 3: Use a rosy color blush. I'm using Clinique blush.

~With an angled blush fill in the blush to the direction of the arrow. Do not use too much or it won't be very natural.

Step 4: Define your brows by fill it in. I'm using a black eyeshadow and fill in my eyebrow using an eyeliner brush. ^^(saving money here XP)

Step 5: Pick out a light reflecting eyeshadow. I'm using Revlon mineralize eyeshadow with the shade with the check mark. Cover your whole eyelid with it ^^

Step 6: Use a jumbo eyeshadow pencil and line your lower lash line. I'm using Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt.

~Draw your eyeliner with the liquid eyeliner. It last longer. I'm using Nyx Tip liner.

~Finishing eye product. You may use mascarra define your eye more. ^^

Step 7: With your best chapstick. Smooth out your lip with it. I'm using Nivea chapstick. (the best ever)

Step 8: Use a red lip tint or lipstick. I'm using tony moly lip tint in Red Apple.


~I'm sorry if it wasn't that great. It's my first makeup tutorial so I still trying out with the lightning and stuff ^^". Hope this tutorial help some ^^.
~I am not sponser by any of the makeup brand I used above. I paid for all of it ^^

~XOXO Charlotte. Love you all for your lovely supports.