Thanksgiving 2011

Dear readers,
~Time fly by so fast right?I remember blogging about thanksgiving last year and now here it is again =D.  I have this feeling that people change with time but those changes sometime could appear to be bad or maybe fair. Anyhow, I'm thankful for what I have right now. A happy family!

~Me and my cutie cousin. (this was when we were already full and beg the food to digest quickly for another feast!)

~Me with nikky,cousin lili and walle


~Me and my awkward pose

~Nikky again

~Cousin lili and my cutie =D

~Overall the day was very fun! I feel like Nikky and I are separating a bit though. She has such different views on life than I do and it just feel disconnected somehow. Sigh! How was everyone thanksgiving?
~So sad I have to go back to school next week. Did anybody go black friday shopping?I just got a pair of shoe for $7 haha
~XOXO Charlotte


~Medical School~

 ~Hello my lovely bloggers ^^, long time no chat lolz. So this saturday I was fortunate enough to be selected as the few seniors who will be interview for medical school. (45/1000 kids). They pick 10 people from 45. The interview was nerve breaking and I have a very mean lady who interview me at first (there are two interviews total)
Lady: So can you tell me about the Obama Health Care Plan and how it will effect future physician practices?
Me: (thinking Sh*t)........Well I think it it VERY IMPORTANT and I believe that it will provide the right medication/care for families (the truth is I have no idea what is the key points of Obama Health Care plan is)
Lady: *look dissapointed*
~Eh I think I have to reapply again in college for the medical school (urgg just my luck to get her). She should have asked NORMAL questions.

~Nikky went to the interview with me. SO here some pictures lolz

~Nikky want to get in this program next year too. I wish her luck
 ~After that, to make me feel better we went shopping downtown and well bought a buch of cupcake lolz

 ~The cupcakes. Yay!

~The tea party was awesome!
Does anybody here want to go to medical school too? If so please tell me your experiences. Love you!
~XOXO Charlotte D