ⓛⓞⓥⓔLife Update ⓛⓞⓥⓔ

~Yoo hoo! everyone, I missed you guys ^^. So for this weekend I went over to Nikky's house for a sleepover.

~Denny is Nikky's cat. Cute eh?

~Eek Adorable ^^

~Then we went to a restaurant called Asian Cafe and the food wasn't as great as we thought it would be T_T

~Sorry I didn't take any picture with Nikky this time. We were very busy with homework and such T_T

~Do you guys like night gown?I rarely wear them unless I really feel like it.

~Do you have a favorite night gown ^^?

~So my sister and I finally bought our fav shiseido skin care full size. My is the Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturizer. I love this thing ^^. I will do a review later ^^

~If you buy two products full size you got a free makeup bag and a sample set which we gave to my mom ^^

~Did you receive your special offer from V.S yet ladies?^^

Giveaway Corner

Karen from cfbeauty.blogspot.com is holding a Mac free animal cruelty cosmetic giveaway here. It will end on November 17th so hurry ^^

~That is it for now. I still have a bunch of homework left which I will do during my off periods and lunch. I also have to learn about vector in trigonometry which I'm suck at. I'm so scare for the test on that unit. I'm planning to ask my math teacher again for help. Hope she's not mad or anything like that lolz.

~Well love you guys and comment ^^

~XOXO Charlotte


ღ Shiseido reviews+daily life updateღ

Hello everyone, 4 days off from school so I got lots of pictures for ya lolz. However, it wasn't a very long one since I have a bunch of homework and test to study for T_T. On the bright side, I'm done with the PSAT which I think I did horrible on lolz. Here my face update ^^

~I was wearing a cute lace shirt. It remind me of the Victorian days ^^

~On Wednesday, my friend drew on my hand. It's about that whole to write love on her arm organization that started it in my school. You could see lots of girls writing love on their arms.^^

~Here the shiseido review for you all ^^. My shade is: O40 Natural Fair Ochre

~I will do the review on Shiseido liquid foundation SPF 17 and the sheer matifying compact SPF 22

~Here is the sheer matifying compact SPF 22. I got a sample of it and it include a little sponge how cute ^^*I use my brush of course ^^*

Oil absorbing: 5/5 So great

Coverage: 4/5 it suppose to be sheer ^^

Color blending:5/5 pretty good no white streak or cakey appearance

Price:4/5 $30

Recommended ^^

~Here the liquid foundation. I have shade O40

Oil Absorbing: 5/5 Amazing 6 hours without having to blog


Color Blending: 5/5 no streak or make me look like a ghost in the sunlight ^^

Price: 4/5 $38.50 A bit expensive than Mac but this give me no break out like Mac foundation does

This is good for the matte look and feel light to touch with such coverage ^^
~Overall I love Shiseido cosmetics, it so expensive but so worth the money


~We have something come up on thursday so have to give Walle to a doggie day care lolz. Here us picking him up. Everyone want to hug and kissed him afterward ^^


~On Friday, I meet up with some friends in the mall for our Take home test in A.P biology. After we done, I browse around in F21 and got a new pair of black tights. I always wear these during the winter.

~See what I mean?^^

~Outfit for Saturday

~Then we went to OLD CHICAGO ^^

~My sister and I

~We were happy then we sad. We were so hungry and they took forever XD

~John, sis finance ^^.

~And his non alcoholic beer. Strangely enough people still ask for his I.D. XD

~Sister again, she love love love camera

~Here my dinner. I think it called Thai Pie pizza. IT'S SO GOOD!!! and healthy ^^

~Then we went for a walk around downtown.Lovely light eh?


~So we went to a Halloween store and we found these plastic feet XD.It was kind of scary to stare at!

~Hmm.What you guys doing for Halloween?^^.
~Gah! Me?I don't know what I would do. I mean I'm too old for trick or treating but I still want candies T_T.
~Well school start again tomorrow. SUCK! I'm so scare for what we do in Trigonometry next week. I'm really bad at this unit T_T.
~Hope all is well for you guys though. Keep me updated guys ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


....BOO! Shiseido All the way ^^

~ Yoo hoo, how are you my bloggers? ^_^. This week is homecoming for my school! I didn't go but is it anyone else homecoming?^^.
~If you reading this blog! I'm sorry Nikky for planning out the weekend with you and then bail out when I realized I have too much homework. I miss you too hun! T_T
~First thing on the morning ortho appointment. Yeah i know XD. I was playing with my camera when waiting for everyone to finished their breakfast and the lightning is AWESOME! XD

~My skin is so freaking white in this lightning O_O
~More shots. You can kind of see brown spots on my hair XD

~And here Walle on the morning. My mom have to push his face up for the picture because he just lie there sleeping and refused to lift up his face

~You know what cool?Reflecting mirror ipod case ^^

~However, my sis want to get a facial at shiseido. And so I went with her to the mall and got a makeover (sort of since I told the super nice counter lady that I want it to be the simplest makeup ever!) lolz

~She did a smudged eyeliner for me! Kind of cool since I rarely wear eyeliner

~Purple sparkling eyeshadow and the mascara make my eyelashes 3x longer XD

~I really like the blush and the highlighter. You can see how it reflects light here!
~Whole face:


~Hehe, finally found a girly cardigan. How many girly cardigan do you have? Me: uh...1? XD

~Receive a bunch of DHC and shiseido samples of which I will definitely do a review ^^

~3 steps to smooth skin. <---my skin is so bad lately T_T
1.Face Scrub
2. Exfoliate cream to get out the dead skin
3. Mask
~Mario Badescu Almond and Honey Face Scrub, Mario Badescu whitening mask and Missha peeling gel

~Texture of whitening mask. The smell of berry XD

~Inside of Honey and Almond scrub. There tiny Almond grind in there XD. All organic!

~Walle try to get my attention!Then when he got my attention he looks away XD

~ I was fighting with one of my aunt family. They give me this beautiful ring made out of swarovski crystal beads. Is this a peace offering? if so thank you! please forgive me I really don't want to fight with you guys either ^^

~SEAFOOD HOTPOT!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! My favorite ever ^^

~And of course my all time favorite Chocopie ^^

~So for this Christmas sister decided if I want a ticket to California or a Camera. Of course, I choose the camera.

~Is there any DSLR and digital camera that you recommended?Not too expensive please or she will refused XD

~Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. I love you guys!

~XOXO Charlotte