The prevail of greatness!

Hello World,
The days of summer are running out and so far I have neglected my wonderful blog. *shame, shame*. I have been very busy this summer. For instance, running around searching for part time jobs, getting ready for uni life and much more importantly to help prepare myself to live the life that will be far different than anything I have experiences before. This is the time where I could seek out the changes that I wished to have.

Two weeks ago, my family made a trip to Vail, Colorado. Vail is famous as a beautiful skiing resort city and its European inspired architectural streets. Below are some photos I took at Vail. However, I was playing around so there are some FOTD pictures. lolz

~I have no idea what am I doing at the time lolz
~Vail photos

Family portrait lolz.
~How was your summer, everyone? I will be going to work starting July 30th and starting uni starting August 20th. Days of summer go by fast eh?
When was the last time you feel a big change coming into your life?
And btw, can you please tell me any good book I could read? Thanks!
~XOXO Charlotte


Busy summer!

Hello lovely bloggers,
I'm sorry for abandoned this blog for so long. My sister got married on June 30th therefore I have no time to do anything beside organizing the wedding. Well for the first 2 weeks of June I have a lot of leisure times but after that it was BUSY...BUSY...BUSY choosing cakes, flowers, music, dresses etc....

June 1st, I baked my first flan.

June 14th, I organized my closet by colors =D

June 15th, I practiced my bridesmaid makeup and hairdo (I did my own and several others bridesmaids)

~My materials:

~Egyptian wing eyeliner?lolz

~Using the L.A. color purple palette, I decided to go with a smokey/sparkly purple

.....Well, the professional pictures for my sister wedding is not available yet so here "some of the behind the scenes photos" lolz

~Yvette and I (bridesmaids)


~The Bride (a.k.a my sister) opened presents after the wedding party lolz
 ~Serious face :P

~I promise to post the professional pictures once I get a hold of them :D


~For 4th of july, my family went to Blackhawk Isle Casino. (haha, I just went for the buffet). There are no fireworks because of all the wildfires going on T_T
~Sis and I

~Well, well...It is almost time for UNI to start. *sigh*. I'm looking for jobs and will have interviews next week (wish me luck!). I love you guys and hope you guys have a wonderful summer =D. Tell me your quirky summer stories too!
~XOXO Charlotte