Yoo hoo! How is Christmas this year? Mine was really eventful. We got bunch of presents ^^. Here are some recap of Christmas!

~Some of my first Christmas presents (the first one is always so cute). They are from my friends

~My sister and I!

Even Cookie and Walle look all festive =D

~So I received a lot of Gift Cards and money instead of random stuffs this year (thank you , God!) so I went for a little shopping spree

*roar*. I love the golden eyes XD

~My new jacket ^^


And just a dress! =D
~What did you guys get?
~After telling mom how Forever 21 skinny jeans suck! she got me an express one for Christmas. Needless to said I love it.
~Recently, we have been feeding our squirrels (they look so sad in the winter without any food T_T)

~Is he cute or what? ^ O ^

~I hope you guys have a great New Year! I hope I will hear from the Medical School sometime in January.
~XOXO Charlotte



~Hellooooo my lovely bloggers. How is everyone feeling?Cold?Sick?Happy?Tire?. Snow finally arrived in Colorado. It was a pain to drive in this weather T_T. Here a taste of what it looks like right now

~Are they so cute? XD

~Therefore I decide to start my winter regime. Here is my regime for this winter. Hope you enjoy =D

 1. Mask. I still want to deep clean my face during the winter even though it's not as clogged. After hearing a rave about the Queen Helene: Mint Julep Masque, I really want to try it but it was no where to be found T_T. Until Family dollar carry them. I bought it right away since it was only $3 =D. So far I LOVE IT, it does take out all the blackheads and somewhat shrink my pores. It's DRYING though so please put on moisturizer right away after washing the mask.

~Warning: You might look kind of scary while it's on XD

~Step 2: Winter is a great time for whitening your skin. The Likas Papaya soap had recently arrive at my mailbox. It suppose to be great at lightening your skin therefore I want to try it. It's super drying though so DO WEAR MOISTURIZER.

 ~I will give you guys a review about this soap later =D

~Step 3: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
My mom and I are in love with Burt's Bees products, which mostly contained very natural ingredients =D. The Radiance Night Cream is the best moisturizer so far ^^
~Milky White

~Also, we bought an eyecream from burtbees. LOVE IT!!! Definitely recommended. It help getting rid of those wrinkles and puffey eyes =D
Now, even though it's winter that doesn't mean it time to not going to the gym or quit eating healthy food. I look at the calories wheneverI buy anything. This is the LEAST calories cereal I found =D (110)

~Yum Yum! Also salad is a great way of losing weight =D
 ~Jingle Bells! Christmas is almost here (I CAN"T WAIT!!!). This is my first Christmas present. hehe! (socks every year)

~Final is in after next week. I'm frightened just by thinking about it. Next weekend is the sitting home weekend crying while studying lolz. I hate school now since my friends turned into mrs. I think I'm so popular. Oh well! Can't wait to get out of high school =D
~XOXO Charlotte