Yoo hoo! How is Christmas this year? Mine was really eventful. We got bunch of presents ^^. Here are some recap of Christmas!

~Some of my first Christmas presents (the first one is always so cute). They are from my friends

~My sister and I!

Even Cookie and Walle look all festive =D

~So I received a lot of Gift Cards and money instead of random stuffs this year (thank you , God!) so I went for a little shopping spree

*roar*. I love the golden eyes XD

~My new jacket ^^


And just a dress! =D
~What did you guys get?
~After telling mom how Forever 21 skinny jeans suck! she got me an express one for Christmas. Needless to said I love it.
~Recently, we have been feeding our squirrels (they look so sad in the winter without any food T_T)

~Is he cute or what? ^ O ^

~I hope you guys have a great New Year! I hope I will hear from the Medical School sometime in January.
~XOXO Charlotte


Elisa ♥ said...

hope you had a lovely christmas :D

geebambino said...

Oh my goodness, you got such lovely presents! My puppies have their own Christmas costumes too haha but after a while, they wriggle out of them. Aww you're so kind to feed the squirrels xD I'm sure they appreciated the meal :3

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♥Bunny♥ said...

Love the new clothes you got! The leopard top is really nice! I agree, the nice are awesome!
your doggies are just sooo adorable!
and you guys are so nice to feed the lil squirrels outside!!