Trip to Vietnam!!! :P

Hello everyone, this is Nikki (as you heard from Charlotte about me from some of the thread in here)!!! Charlotte has been busy for a couple of days now, so she won’t be posting any new thread for awhile (which she apology for that). So she asks me to post something for her instead. I’ll be showing you pictures from my vacation in Vietnam (Charlotte hometown)!

The Beach...Sea shell and baby crab...

Beautiful Origami artworks!!! (=^,^=)

Frame of artworks and writting in japanese...what are they saying? (*.*)

The scenery... Many building, trees and flowers...

This is the food from various restaurants! Yum,Yummy!!

All Compliment To The CHEF!!

This is the Zoo!

Well I guess that is all. I hope you enjoy the photos. It was very fun!
At the beginning it was super hot and I was sweating all over my body,
but I get used to it on the 2nd week in vietnam.I also get a good sun tan from it. lol


***Snow day+ Etude House review***

~Yoo hoo! Happy New Year ^^. Bunny or cat year depend on your country eh?

How is your new year? I'm sorry for not blogging for such a long time.

~My face! I'm not dead yet ^_^

~My smudged eyeliner look for school ^^. Sorry my eyebrow need to be trim T_T

~My lovely Nikky (bff) went to Vietnam for a vacation there. She bought me some stuffs that are just amazing. I love you NIKKY!!!!

Etude House products:

1. Fresh Cherry Tint in Pink!!!

~This is probably my favorite product she bought for me. It's a very pretty color which can be wear to party or school . It not too dark or too bright and fit my skin tone perfectly. It lasting power is amazing ^^. However, I wear chapstick before this so that it won't be too drying (You know how all lip tint is ^^)

~2nd product: Etude house Lovely Cookie Blusher in Lovely pink

~Very pretty color. I haven't use it yet but omg! the package is adorable XD. Will do a review about this soon!

~3rd product: etude House Tear drop liner in white

~This is the hardest to use so far. I tend to get too much or too little when I line my eyes. I need to practice but once I got it bright you can achieve that pretty ulzzang look ^^ (will do a full review soon)

4th product: Vera silk night gown. Adorable!

5th product: Calligraphy pen! Use for diary purposes lolz

~Thanks Nikky for your lovely presents. I love ya!!!
~Megan make me a pearl bracelet. I love pearls so much that my friends thought I am obsessive with it! Pearl and Bow=+++++

~Grandma from Australia gives me some souveniers as well. I really want to go to Australia this summer ^^

~Cookie and Walle pics spam

~Cold brr!!!!

Quote of the week
~"Hope is the most sensitive part of a poor wretch's soul; whoever raises it only to torment him is behaving like an executioners in Hell who, they say, incessantly renew old wounds and concentrate their attention on that area of it that is already lacerated."~Marquis Sande
~"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."~Dr.Seuss

~Hmm! Life sucks! Exam sucks! Swimming SUCKs! I think I will died once junior year is over. But it's okay! We must all maintain our fears eh?
~Aja Aja! Fighting everyone! Love you all and comments. I miss you guys
~Nikky will do my next post ^^
~XOXO Charlotte
0-0-0-0-0-0- SIDE NOTES0-0-0-0-0-0- *just need to release stress*
~You were always there for her, lend her your shoulders, listen to how he's a jerk and everything he did was wrong. You tell her what she wanted to hear, you dried her tears and tell her that she have you. You loved her.It's true and forever will be true.
~Then the next day and the next weeks converted to months, you spend every possible breathing minutes with her. You ditched all your plans, forgot everything about yourself and put her as your top priority. You spend more than you wanted on her, you accompany her and listened to her million stories. And then... she tells you she was bore, she was bore spending times with you and she wanted to find a new love. You were hurt but you agreed and you help her seeking her new love.
~And then she finds him again. They fall madly in love with each other again. You are then the side steps and you smile for their happiness. Until, you asked her to do something for you, you didn't want to but you were at the bottom of the darkness pit. It wasn't a big thing, they spend times with each other all the times when she first broke up with her boyfriend. But now she looked at you as if you are a nuisance, that she hated for having a friend like you. Then you back off and said "It's okay", "Don't worry about it!", even though it's a lie.
~Then you call every possible contacts on your list. Looking and looking but you forget that you ditched them all to spend times with her. And so you hang up the phone and stare at your life in darkness.
~Until they fall apart again, you know you are no longer the important person in her life. This make you realized your mistake but you know you will do it all over again for her. Because she's all that you have left.