Facial cleanser and school?

~Hello everyone, I'm back in school and yes it's exhausted. It's 10:30 PM and I just finished my homework. My eye start to look like a panda lolz XD. I hope tomorrow would be a bit better so I don't look death half of the time. On the bright side, I have the highest score in math class for a quiz. 29/30, i know it's not a perfect score but at least I tried quite hard on this. XD *nerd moment*

~Another product review, it's the St. Ives cleanser. Use especially for makeup remover. It have a chamomille smell and I must said I hated the smell but other than that it gave me quite smooth skin ^^. Remove make-up quite well as well. I love how they never tested any of their products on animals ^O^.

~Well got to go to sleep for school tomorrow. Thank you for your comments ^^

~Charlotte XOXOXO


Mall and Eyebrow?

Hello everyone, yesterday me and my bff (Nikky)went to the mall. We went to a store call Forever XXI (same with forever 21) except bigger I guess. I was amazed at all the clothes in the mall. It looks like a fairy tales XD. Here some of the dresses I've try on.

~Sorry I'm keep having the *rub my belly* pose kind of things ^O^

~Here is Nikky and I, lolz it was one of those photobooth pictures. So blurry and green faces XD
Isn't she just adorable?XD. It's almost Easter so you can see the eggs border around us XD.

~ In my room, lolz. I look so worn out from the whole mall trip XD.

~We also went over to my cousin "lili" house. She did eyeliner for me (which I think is extremely cute). Lolz, I wish I could master the perfect "line" someday. I mean I could draw eyeliner/winged look for everyone except me T_T. Thank you my dear cousin Lili XO ^O^

~Oh yeah one new product I want to review. You probably saw this box everywhere: Walmart, Kingsooper and Target. I bought it for $4 include tax and it suppose to wax your eyebrow and upper lip hair. I didn't like it so much since it didn't wax so well, it could take out only tiny hair on the upper lip that normally nobody would see anyway. If you have any good wax for eyebrow and upper lip please let me know since the plucking and threading is killing me T_T.

~Hehe, guess what?Samantha at:

is having an eyeko giveaway so fast enter it XD. She's a pretty talented and super nice person ^^

~By the way thank you for reading my blog. I'll have to go back to school tomorrow but I'll try to update as much as possible. Thanks ^^

P.S. I'm sorry I don't smile in pictures often. But i'll remember it next time ^^

~Charlotte & Nikky. XOXOXO


Circle lenses Review and ClOtHeS?

Hello everyone ^^, today I'll be doing a review on Geo CK 105 circle lenses. Here what it look like:

~Yes, it's the blackest black ever. Here the comparison on my eyes.

~ A significant change right?To be honest I love circle lenses but only IN PICTURE. Outside everyone comment me as having an "alien look", maybe because this pair is too dark for my own eye color which is a light brown. I don't wear circle lenses much unless in party or event that I know I will end up taking a bunch of pictures T_T. Circle lenses tend to dry out my eye too often and I alway have blood shot eye afterward so I'm scare to wear it for a long period of time. Actually I don't wear it that often. Maybe one a month?(P.S. I don't wear circle lenses in any of the pictures so far)

~On the other hand I wear Acuvue toric acuvue oasis lenses. I love it because it's more moisturinzing to my eyes. But I still have strict eye routine due to my eye being so dry comparing to normal eyes.

~Flax oil and ointment are prescribed by my eye doctor to decrease my dryness. It work!!!!

~Here is the case and my eyedrops: Rohtoh, Acuvue. Also, a cute bunny case that come along with my circle lenses ^^

~Lolz extra case. 7? XD

~Find some very old shirt and skirt. Decide to mismatch the outfit XD. Man i'm so broke to go shopping nowaday~
~Hope you guy found the review and tips to be useful. Thank you!!! ^O^
~XOXO Charlotte


Tea bag and nana?

Gooooooooooddddddd morning everyone, today is such an easy day for me. I didn't get to drag to go anywhere with friends or family. You know what that mean?That mean I don't have to listen to anyone relationship problems ^^. YAY!!! I mean i don't mind giving advices once in a while but if they keep asking you almost every freaking day you start going *ahhh!!* in your head. Lolz, I'm surprise all my girls asking me about their love life when my last love life was 4 years ago and the boy doesn't even live in this country anymore lolz XD. Freaking smart guy with an internship to Japan.

~lolz, my dogs love the snow.

~Well anyway on the bright note, I finally have time to check out new Asian drama and Mblaq shows. Man but right now i'm idolize Nana from Afterschool. She's freaking pretty. XD

~She so pretty, not only that she have such a "Chic" image for an idol. Instead of being always giggling and girlish. She's actually calm and collected. Something new and fresh to introduce ^^.

~On that side I decide to thread my eyebrow. Hurt like hell!!!but work!!!!Then I follow this video to help my dark eye circle ^^


~Oh yeah on that note. Please don't be rude and leave weird comments. Save everyone time and DON'T POST AT ALL!!!!! Seriously if you are desperate to be critisize/hating on someone then write it down on a piece of paper and EAT IT!!!maybe it help XD.

Well but for the nice people, thank you for reading my blog ^^!!!!

~XOXO Charlotte


Shiseido and Pantene

~Hello everyone, today we have a snow storm here where I live so everyone basically have a day off *except my poor sister who work in the bank*. I hope she'll be okay getting back T_T. Well it sure is fun since some of my friends didn't have the same spring break with me now have it off. (unfair for me though lolz XD).

~Okay, I have pretty straight hair but everytime I wake up it always massively in every directions (T_T). Since I straightened my hair every morning if i go out or go to school it become very dry and my hair become quite frizzy and split end are everywhere (T_T). I don't have time to go get a trim every 6 weeks as recommended but luckily enough my sister foud this bottle in Walmart which is Pantene leave in conditioner to prevent split end. Not only that it tempt my hair's frizz ^O^. It's quite rich in vitamin E which help my hair become very smooth after a while of using it. So here how you do it!

1. You dampened your hair/or right after a shower or so.

2. Rub a small amount of it on areas that you found split ends or frizz (I apply massive amount on my split end)

3. Let it dry and it good to go.

This also help to hold your style like if i go to sleep with this on it helps my hairs from swaying in every directiona My second product review is Shiseido Hydro-balancing toner. It's quite pricey around ~$40 at Macy.

~You suppose to pat this on after you wash you face and massage it in until absorbed. And I must said as pricey as it's, it's a miracle. My skin feels so soft and refreshed after using it for more than 2 weeks. I usually wash my face, pat this on for a smooth surface and then primer and foundation. And as always my skin didn't show any sign of flakiness even in the cold/harsh winter.

~The texture is like water I guess. A bit sticky when you put it on but once it absorbed you can't feel a thing =D. By the way my face is acne prone/oily combination skin and this is amazing, I don't get pimples at all.

~Definitely recommended you guy.

Okay well it's my work out time. I'm planning to burn 145 calories today lolz.

~Charlotte. XOXOXO


Introduction And Makeup Brush

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and I'm pretty new to blogger, but so many awesome blogs out there inspire me to make one as well. ^_^. I will try my best to update often ^^
~I'm currently 16 and right now I'm on spring break. Which is awesome consider how much I pray for this week to come XD.
~With my free time i decide to do a massive clean for my makeup brushes. With tips from MichellePhan on Youtube?She's very awesome

MakeUp Brush Cleansing Tips:

Step 1. Take out your baby shampoo because this have the most gentle formula which doesn't cause your brush to frizz or flake off. If you want some it to be extra smooth try your hair conditioner since this will not create a reaction with your skin (since your scalp is use to it)

Step 2: Pour some shampoo in your palm and wet your brushes then slowly move the brush to the palm and move in in a circuling motion. All the residues will show you how much foundation/powder etc still stuck in there. If you don't at least clean your brush in a week. It will trap horrible bacteria that cause huge pimples (trust me been there done that T_T)

Step 3: Dry your brushes in a well lit area with sunshine where each brush is spread out and not right next to each other(sorry guy I fail to do that in this picture). So it doesn't trap more moisture. If you would like to buy a brush cover like Michelle offered then go ahead. I just too lazy to do it^^". Good luck~

~Lolz, After that I got breakfast (at 9 on the morning) XD. I got some orange juice, water, and banh bot loc * a vietnamese cake* Yeah my family make it ourself.

~I also just bought a new bottle of Bio Oil *yay* I will definitely do a review of it soon. I have some terrible black acne spot and hope this will make it go away. Well see ya everyone. ^^