(︶︿︶) Almost there

~Hello everyone, Charlotte here ^^! I'm so sorry for not blogging for so long. Life have been very difficult. My aunt and uncle along with their two small children move to my house from San Diego. I don't mind them but you know how after a while you get really annoying when the kids running and screaming around the house while you are trying to do homework or studying? I wish they would come over during the summer where the stress is somewhat subdued.
~At least the flowers are blooming again ^^
~Have you noticed all those cheap accesories from Forever 21? I purchased some but like all the other stuffs I don't think it will last very long lolz

~My current favorite lotion

~New shiseido lipstick. Forgot what the shade was but it like a darker pink (which somehow according to my aunt very good with my skin tone)

~She give me this purse with makeup brush *quality is ehh...*

~Received my freebies bag from Target *yay*

~Love the mini lotion and the Neutrogena chapstick
~I finally know how to make these friendship bracelets now Ahhh! ^^

~And on the final note. A picture of Walle
~It's a rainny day for me right now. Nothing have make me smile nowaday. My heart is plunge into a deep sadness but I hope a sunny day will come soon

~What about you guys?^^

~XOXO Charlotte