restore...(photos update :D)

Hello bloggers,
My goal to update my blog more frequently is somewhat become successful. So here just a general update. So my mom and I have a funny conversation the other day:
Me: Mom, I want animal crackers :(
Mom: Ok, Ok...go get some when we go grocery shopping
After getting two small bags and finished them in a day...My mom decided to buy me a huge jar!!!

~This will take me a while haha~

----Playing with my hair--- FOTD

See? I'm still alive and well :D
Here some pictures at work. I was bore :D

Going back to work was super tiring. 7 hours a day and school started again next week so in addition to that I will be loaded with hw. ayayayaya!!!!!
~Have any ways to de-stress guys? Let me know
XOXO Charlotte


January 2013...update

Hello bloggers,
So January is definitely the shopping month because everything is on sale. I bought a few items myself from VS, Gap, Express and American Eagle. 
Some items that I am in love with:
gap boots, peplum dress and my HK laptop sleeve :D
 American Eagle sparkly shoes :D
Anyway, we all need a very good lip balm for the winter right? I would recommended the EOS lip balm. It smell delicious and work wonder :D
Also, I get to spend some time with Megan over break. It was fun until I got sick lolz
~I am now sick (nursing myself back to health before work start!!! BOOO) T_T
*Cute picture of the day*
Remember the movie UP? so cute right?
Picture does not belongs to me
~Going back to uni for spring semester next week. Going to be super busy :(
~XOXO Charlotte


Happy New Year 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dear bloggers,
Happy New Year 2013. My family and I watched the firework downtown Denver last night. Did you guys go see firework?
No matter how many time you see fireworks, there are always that amazing feeling when that colorful puff of clouds went boom...indicated the end and beginning of something.

~We walk around downtown for a bit. Beautiful lights!
~Here a pic of me without makeup (sorry for the blurry pics (it was kind of dark))

~There is my cutie Cookie haha :D
~Well, Happy New Year guys!
XOXO Charlotte