Ipsy February & other hauls review

Hello bloggers,
So here as promise! The belated February Ipsy bag review :D

Lash card
Pixi primer
Coastal scents eyeshadows
Mica Beauty gel eyeliner
Pop Lash mascara
 1. Pop Lash mascara. Ipsy keep sending out mascara (which is great!) but I never really heard of this brand so kind of skeptical :/ (my eyes are very sensitive)

This is the biggest hype for this bag. The gel eyeliner pot is very cute (glass) and I like how long the eyeliner stay on :D
 -Not big on primer, either. Considering this is the third primer tube I have been receiving lolz.

-I like this! It is great when you try to avoid mascara smudges . Plus, you can use it as a shield for eyeshadow powder (wink)
-This is such a pretty golden palate ( My eyes go well with golden and brown eyeshadows). The eyeshadow is very shimmery so if you want to go glam then just pile up the product :D

Overall rating: 4/5 (I would give the bag a 5 if it they STOP sending out primer :) ). But very good value total!

-------------------------------------------Wet Seal Haul-------------------------------
Yay! Another online haul (I need better self control lolz)

 -I am in love with pretty pastel blouses which are great for the spring!
-And a hi-lo maxi dress for the summer (I can't wait for uni to end!) and boots!

---------------------------------------Funny Valentine!-----------------------------------------
So I got this card at work on Valentine (yeah I was working the whole day =_=). Cupid Poop turned out to be red M&M lolz
-So I took the Calculus test on Monday (I didn't do anything at all except studying last weekend). Og geez! my effort go to waste when I realized that I did one of the main problem on the test wrong because I wrote down the prompt wrong (huhuhuhuhuhu T_T)
-I have another Chemistry test on Wednesday! huhuhuhuhu. UNI EXAMS SUCK!
-My god! I just realized I have to go back to studying :(
-Well, wish me luck! Have a good weekend guys!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year bloggers 

Snake Year!
It is so much fun when you get to celebrate two new years right? :D
So I've been addicted to online shopping lately (oh my!). This is the jean I got from American Eagle (the most current online item lolz) 
-I like buying American Eagle Jean online because the color is very true on real life compare to online pictures. Moreover, I'm very lazy on shopping for jeans in store (talk about trying 10 different one in the fitting room). Beside, if you know your size for one pair of EA jean then it's likely you will get the same size for every other jean after that :D
-I got this new hair bun maker thing and it's very easy to make the bun. Yet, I have a problem!!!! the side of my hair keep sticking out of the bun maker no matter how hard I try to pinned it down :(. Any help?

And Happy Birthday to my lovely mommy too :D

 ----------------------------------------- Work/Life Update-------------------------------------------------

 The picture above depicted the amount of food we have leftover after orientation at work!!! and the interesting mural that I spotted while walking around!
So... uni life is so busy as usual. My new chemistry lab partner is soooooooooo annoying (the nerve!) She keeps taking my friend's seat in lecture!
Also, I met a boy in Calculus that look just like Draco in Harry Potter. This one:
and I was like O_O staring at him (don't get me wrong! I have no attraction toward this boy!) but he look just like Draco! Anyway, he now think I have a HUGE crush on him because I stared at him on the first day of school. =_=
Chemistry and Calculus Unit 1 tests are coming soon. Oh dear god! Pray for my soul and my grade to stay intact!


When you want to break free...

Hello lovely bloggers,
So Uni finally started again =_=. Oy, the sleep deprive and the home and the work. It takes some time to get use to haha! I'm taking a mini break right now from studying (it getting all mumble jumble!). So I work at the Uni office for 14 hours a week on top of school (need money for tuition baby!).
Here the story about work:
~I have to post up some fliers on every floor around the Uni so instead of waiting for the elevator at each floor, I decided to just take the stairs (oh boys! was I naïve)
~Here is the creepy staircase. Nobody was there (they sure warned you enough!)
 So after that I was praying that nothing creepy will jump out!
~Here me when work end (yay! taking the elevator again)
So I get home from work (around 6:00 PM)
Dead tired face

After having dinner (a bit happier lolz)
~I'm thinking of switching jobs because the office I worked at are just too gossipy (with all the advisors) and they keep having up and down moods which irritated me soooo much!
Delias haul!
~So I spend a good $80 on clothes at Delias (because of their huge winter sale!). Their coats are really cheap now!
~Here some items in the box
My favorite is surprising this tech glove which allow you to use a smartphone while wearing gloves *yay*

 I can't believe I didn't discover this sooner!!!

by the way! I'M GOING TO AUSTRALIA THIS SUMMER!!! :D. Finally, a much needed vacation!