Missha no.23 bb cream review

Hello everyone, here is the review of missha bb cream you have been asking for ^^. It's the Perfect Cover bb cream No.23

~Without flash
~With flash
Review status:
My skin: oily/combination
Skin color: NC 30
Oil control: 4/5 (pretty good but you still need to plot now and then)
Blending: It blend pretty well and provided a matte finish
Pros: Blend well, conceal pretty well, nice matte finish and have a great smell
Cons: Well for me I think it's a bit too thick and the color is too light for my skin. I recommended NC 25 and above.
~I used this as a concealor and it works so well ^^
~OOh!!! look!. lolz, I got an exfoliating glove for washing. This remove the dead skin when winter come around ^^

~Okies, so today I decide to give you my favorite photoshoot of Teen Vouge. It's called Dolce Vita. It have been out for a long time, I saved the pictures in my labtop and decided to pull it out at last and shared it to you guys ^^
~Beautiful pearl ^^

~My fav, they look so happy ^^

*These pictures does NOT belongs to me! It belongs to teen vouge copyrighted!*
~What you guys think?^^
~Yeah, I tend to rant lately but again I'm so piss off today. So apparently I got a 70% for my participation grade in my A.P. Euro. Thanks, father I feel the love (my teacher is a priest). It's strange because he never called on me when I raised my hand but when he does, he make sure that he ask me a question we never learn before =_=. So you want me to participate more?Okay, from next week I will raised my hand like crazy.
~I didn't dare telling this to my parent yet. As you all know that Asian parent is super strict and always consider everything is your fault!!!
~God bless us all!
~Okay that's it for now! Have a great day guys and I'll try my full force next week as well (time for black coffee). Bye ^^. Thanks for all the sweet lovely comments ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


Finishing one week *million more to go*+ Missha ^^

Hello everyone,
~I am exhausted *cry*. First week is so hard, so much homework and drastic notes taking. Well I have a retired priest for my A.P. European History and guess what?He gives us a pop quiz of which I FAIL miserably. Oh god! failing on the first week gah O_O. *cry*. I hate pop quiz, I rather have a quiz where I can study before hand. Why mon?Why? Well there another quiz coming up next week so I was hoping that that quiz will somehow help *pray to buddha*. Yes! I'm budhhist lolz ^^. Here my face on friday!

~Sorry for the dark eye circle. It was so energy drainning and yes I look like that for a whole freaking week. T_T

~On the bright side, I received my package from soompi seller. A black motor jacket and one of those fringe holder so you can wear before applying makeup

~I thought the card she gives me was so cute. I think it's micky_<. It's Hero(from DBSK, thanks Therese for correcting me lolz.

~Also my order from
http://www.misshaus.com/. They're giving away free missha products samples and all you have to paid is $5.99 shipping. Which I didn't think was that bad ^^

~It was shipped super fast.
1. Super Aqua peeling Gel:
~One of my fav, take away dead skin cell ^^
2. M Deep Cleansing Oil:
~Erase away all your makeup. +1 but the smell is =(. Yeah!
3. M luminous color lipgloss with spf 10
~Lipgloss with spf ^^. YAy! give a very cute tinted pink look
4. Missha perfect cover bb cream No.23
~A bit light for NC 30 but excellent to use as a concealor ^^
5. Missha BB cream boomer
~BB cream primer. MY FAVE!!! It's like a moisturizer also and help my bbcream stay throughout the whole day without looking cakey. YAY!!!
Repurchase: Peeling Gel, BB Cream boomer ^^
*not sponser by missha*
~So remember to get your samples girls ^^
~I hope next week is a bit better since this week is blah T_T( I was stuck home doing homework ON THE WEEKEND) T_T.
~Everyone have a bf now. How sad and lonely my single life lolz!
~Well good luck everyone and thank you for reading my blog
~XOXO Charlotte


HOLA!!!! School days outfits and california gifts?

Hello everyone, so school started for me on monday T_T(i'm in 11th grade, a junior). Such a sad life i got!!!! Anyway, here are some outfits I pick out (I'm so sorry for the dirty mirror) my mom spill something on it without CLEANING IT UP!!!(it kind of light so i didn't notice it until it got on camera). lolz

~Yup, that's it. Let me know what you think?I didn't pick out shoes or accessories to go with it yet! bummer!
~I changed my mind at the last minute about the backpack (i'm not a big backpack person) so I purchased a tote bag ^^. I still use my backpack during the winter (where it snow heavily) oh boy!

1st Day of School situations that I hate
Situation 1:
Me (yawning), sitting at a study hall area
Stranger: Hello there, my name is........ You look lonely!
Me (resumed to reading)
Stranger: So what your name?
Stranger: Really??? Want to be bff?
Ok.. maybe they didn't ask me to be bff. But i hate anyone who bother me when I tried to study in the study area lolz.
Situation 2:
Me (waves to old friends): Hey, sup?
Friend: Nothing much. How your summer?
Before I could answer
Friend: My summer was awesome. I did....blah blah blah.....
Me: (keep nodding)
Situation 3:
Me (still sleepy from waking up too early)
New teacher: Charlotte, would you mind tell me what you learn from A.P. Spanish from last year?
Me: uh.... (list out a few things)
New teacher: Great! can you translated this paragraph for us?
Me (slam head on the wall)
Situation 4: (last but not least)
New teacher: Charlotte, would you please stand up in front of the class and tell us about your summer?
Me: I went swimming, surfing the internet, visit old friends, south dakota and camping?
The rest of the class (picking their nose, yawning, stare as if you're an alien)
New teacher: Did you said you went camping?where?when?with who?
Me: URGGG! (do teachers really care? or they just ask because they have to?)
~Haha, what your worse conversation on the first day?

~Got some nail polish at F21. I like the color so I decided to show it to you guy. It's in peach!

Some of my family members (aunty) went to California last week. They bought some souveniers home for moi =D.

1. XOXO pink purse

2. Avon lotion and E.L.F handsanitizer? <--- I don't know why so don't ask. Family big on lotions

3. A lot of sweets ( I shared with some of my little cousin) Am I nice or what? lolz
~Well good luck everyone for those who go back to school ^^. Love you all!! I think I won't be blogging for quite a while (school, A.P, PSAT) but I won't ditch either so maybe one time every week?^^. Love you all.
~XOXO Charlotte


Back to school and rohto

Hey guys and gals,
~One more week and then it's all over. I'm sad T_T. Yup, I'm talking about back to school thing. Anyway, I went to target and walmart to shop for school supplies. Office Depot is kind of far from my house so too lazy to drive all the way there (lolz, see how excited I am?).

~ Here is the haul:

~There are actually more, I feel like an elementary kid again XD.

~The infamous new backpack. I refers big tote bag or just an oversize bag instead of backpack but mommy want me to wear backpack instead. She was all excited over this one. lolz.
~What do you guys think?

~Time in school meaning wearing my contact lense for over 6 hours. I stocked up on new eyedrop for contact lense such as BLINK and for coolness/redness I use Rohto.

~At night, I use this eye oil thing. It's a film of oil and you put in on the inside of your eyelid (it get super blurry) then on the morning voila -->Your eyes are no longer dry.


Giveaway post

~Borniilove is having a giveaway here.This giveaway is so adorable, include:

♥ MAC Hello Kitty limited edition pink lip gloss

♥ JILL STUART limited sweet bridal Double Ring Collection

♥ CANMAKE four shiny eyes eye shadow in pearl white, peach, pink and brown

♥ JILL STUART loose powder blusher in pink passion

~EEK >_<. I crossed my finger for this.lolz. It's international and closing on august 31st so hurry ^^
~Well that's all for now. Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I hope you guys have a great new school year.
<-------------- You guys can all have a nice cup of caramel cofee for waking up early again.
~XOXO Charlotte ^^


Concealors and se7en

Hey hey my dear bloggers, ^^
~How are you all? I missed you so much T_T. Are you guys in school yet? For me 2 more weeks then it's the end of freedom T_T.

~What I look like right now. In case you forgot. lolz jk jk. Sorry if it look like I wear really red lipstick. It's actually just chapstick, the lightning in my house is really weird lately >_<

~My lunch. Saving money by frying eggs and eat at home. ^^

~It's my dear Cookie birthday. Lalala! Happy b day honey ^^. (He got a summer haircut). He's a 3 years old cutie now ^^

~Now back to Concealor. Here are my 3 fav one ^^

~Mac Studio Sculpts Concelor in NC20
~Benefit Boiing eye bright in 02
~Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener.

Here are the swatches:

~Benefit have this purple/pink tone that once you applied on your dark circle it will replenish it and then you put on the beigh concealor.

~Mac Studio Sculpt is really thick. I don't use this as a concealor that often unless I have really bad blemish. But it covers very well.

~Smashbox is super light. This is currently my fav for under eye dark circle. The texture is liquid like, doesn't feel super heavy+conceal well ^^. I will purchase the full size once I'm finish with this sample. ^^

~Guess what? I just bought a full size mirror in my room. The other one of my full outfit pictures are taken from my sister room. Yay! Sorry for awkward pose T_T

~Se7en just release his new album that include songs like Better together and Digital bounce. Very techno like (turn up your volume because it's playing on my blog) ^^. He's so so so handsome XD.

Eek >_<. lolz he reminds me of Barbie Ken doll Asian version.

~he's also the first star that make me fall in love with kpop. lolz

What's your fav kpop artist?^^

~That's it for now. Thank you for reading my blog. OOh yeah one more thing. It have been one week since I use the REVIVA LABS Brown spot treatment. My skin is somewhat start to lighten up but not dramatically so I will update next time with pictures. I applied it at night and then on the morning you can see the peels come off from your face. I believe that it peel off your dead skin (the brown spot) ^^. However, I recommended using lotion on those area and sunscreen because your skin will feel quite dry. As for the sunscreen you don't want to make those dark spots darker right?^^.

~XOXO Charlotte