Pictures update

Hello everyone, been too tire lately. Have a bunch of study session for tests at 6:45 on the morning that mean i have to wake up at like 5 o'clock on the MORNING. Ew, yeah I know. My saturday is filled with filming project. URGG O_O!!!. Well anyway, i was bore and took more pictures. Lolz

~Blow fish face baby.
Hey guy, I found this great website for ulzzang pose for you to do in pictures. You should check it out here -----> http://asianposes.com/category/pose/
Some of my fav:

~Walle, you look so cute baby! ^O^

~Hmm, look at my school outfits. Always include jean in it. I'm so boring looking! eh!

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~That's it I think. I will update more about tips later. And don't worry guy, I will try to find some giveaway for you as well. But hey you can enter this for your gf or bff?^^. AND THANK YOU MY NEW FOLLOWERS. I FREAKING LOVE YOU XD!!!
~XOXO Charlotte


Kawaii Diary!!!

Hello everyone, so I was searching around the house today for a new journal and I suddenly bump into this adorable journal hiding in my shelf. It was given to me by my lovely Nikky(BFF) and she got it from Vietnam when she was traveling there. I posted a picture of her a while ago, but here it's again. ^^
~Tell me what you think ^O^

~A little folder type to store it in. Locked by a lock ^^

~yeah, now the thing is it's too pretty and I don't want to even write in it. XD
~How was your day everyone?Tomorrow is ACT testing for junior/senior so sophmore like moi is staying home until 11:45 AM. Boo Yeah!!! Whatever, I have to take it anyway T_T.
~XOXO Charlotte



Hello everyone, receive my new bb cream today and it's the Missha Watery BB cream ^^. I finished my Missha vita and so here is my new bottle. The seller was super nice and send along a free sample of Laneige yogurt mask. Didn't use it yet but will sure use it later ^^

~Just use it today and I LOVE it, omg feel so light on my skin and match my skin color which is NC30 in Mac. Better oil control than Vita and it's for moisturing purpose (or cakey problem XD).

~Blended in, it's pretty hard to see since it's so dewey and sheer. Right picture you can see the color ^^. Beigh.
Product Overview:
Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5 ($14)
Packaging: 4/5 (have to be very careful because it's very watery which mean you HAVE to SHake it up before using it)
Concern: Since I haven't use it over a long period. I did not know if it might cause a break out but I'll be sure to let you guy Know that. ^^

Hehe, btw I have a bbcream sale/trade. It's the Lioele Beyond the solution BB cream.


Key Points-All in one: Moisturizer + makeup base + foundation + soothing essence
-This cream is formulated to blend in a natural skin colour onto your skin.
-Non-oily and helps make-up stay on whole day
-Helps on acne scars while concealing the flaws
I'm so sad to let this go because it have such a nice natural coverage and great oil control T_T. Here is a picture of me with it on:
Great coverage EXCEPT that my skin is too dark for it. I have NC30 and this bb cream is NC25 and lighter. So if you guy interested I'm willing to trade it for other bbcreams. Or sell it for only $10+2unused stamps shipped anywhere in the U.S (85% left). If you are in Canada then add $3 for shipping. Let me know guy down in the comment box ^^. Thank you!
~Haha, also go bargain hunting with mommy. She love shopping and I love going shopping with my dear mother since she have great taste. XD. Today, I got American Eagle dress shirt (i start collecting it or something) and banana republic jean. I think I finally find my perfect jean in life since it fit me so perfectly and make my legs look so skinny. Xd, thank you mom.

~Btw, I need some help on what to get for mother day?Do you guy have any idea?All comments will be greatly appreciated.
OMG!!!OMG!!! I'm seriously going to beat someone up. *breathe* calm. Okay well the problem is once again I got stuck with this bossy girl in my class again for my FINAL PROJECT. I'm seriously got SO MAD, this project worth 150 points and if I don't do it right I'm failing for sure. The thing is she thinks everything from her is right but it not. I HATE GROUP PROJECT EVER!!! AND FOREVER!!! This increasing my stress level. Not only that I have to go over to her house to film part of our project and spoiled princess will walk around with her head high up in the air again.
Whoo! I feel a bit better now but next week IS GOING TO BE SO STRESSFUL!!! Buddha please bless me.

~Sorry to dump that on you guy but just need to get it off my chest. Well have a wonderful next week and thank you for all the sweet comments ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


Missha M Vita BB cream review+rainning days?

Hello everyone, it's friday so I decide to make a long post ^^. Today I'll be doing a review on my first ever bb cream ^^. Missha M Vita BB cream

M Vita B.B Cream with skin protection, moisturizing effect, covering effects as well as UV protection relieves you from extra makeup, and contains natural extracts that offer natural soothing effects for sensitive skin. Missha M Vita B.B Cream contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients, and helps to improve the skin. Multi-function and convenient to use to moisturize, protect, correct skin tone and block harmful UV.
~Credit to Amazon.com

~ Here is the swatches on my hand. It's a bit light for my skin color which is NC30 but for NC25 or so is perfect. But to be honest, you wouldn't have any difficulties with different color here because it pretty much blend in to your skin.

~Here a blend in picture, provide a nice shimmer base. DO NOT EXPECT WELL COVERAGE WITH THIS ONE!!!!I use it during the summer where every other foundation make my skin so cakey except this one ^^.


Product: 4/5 (need better oil control)
Price: 5/5 ($15)
Packaging: 5/5
Pros: good spf, nice shimmer base, provide a natural skin tone color, not cakey. Sheer coverage, dewey
Cons: Doesn't have a good oil control/Not very good coverage

~ My mom went to the mall this weekend to get her Shiseido haul and well she pick up a benefit cosmetic catalog for me since she seeing me using it. I only have one item though, it's the Boing boing concealer and I will do a review for it later ^^

~Stuff I want to buy, the pocket pal and the ooh la lift for my eyes (so expensive though)

Such nice color blush this year. I love the orange/light pink one ^^

~It been rainning and snowing here for 2 days now. I'm so glad it's friday since going to school seem like a torture T_T

~Sloshy day huh?My boot is soaking wet T_T

~ A picture of me right after school I'm so dead with those huge dark eye circles T_T

Oh by the way thank you my 2 new subscribers, you guys are so sweet to comment. And thank you everyone who comment on my last post. Your sweet comments help me through the pain. Well Aja Aja fighting for our beauty^^
good night!
~XOXO Charlotte



Hello my readers, yes the horror I'll be getting my braces soon (next tuesday to be exact). Today, I'm getting my spacer or a rubber band to separate my teeth so that they can put in the braces next week: *below*

*Let just said I've been taking Advil for the pain and it's a bit numb now but I can't eat very well (chew with my front teeth like a rabbit lolz). Worst than that I find out I might be invited to steak this sunday. THE HORROR!!! WHY STEAK and WHY THIS WEEKEND??? *cry*

~Ayway, I actually don't mind getting braces that much since my teeth need to improve and I love Jeon Hyo Sung from SECRET smile. Such pretty teeth lolz ^O^. Does any of my reader ever wear braces?If so tell the the process/endurance please ^^.

~Well well, I have some new followers. Thank you and I'll try to make my blog more interested next time (now it's time to feel the numb lolz)

~XOXO Charlotte


Mini clothes haul ^O^!!!

Hello everyone, yesterday I went to the mall and lucky me Forever 21 Hollister and Gap having their huge annual sale *weee* so i got a bit of clothes home. I haven't been shopping for so long due to money reduction *aka, flat broke T_T*

1. I got a Gap dark navy blue hoodie from 39.95 to $10. Yeah it fit and I really need new hoodie badly (old one getting dirty/small holes)
2. Hollister cardigans (green and gray) I seriously got a bunch of gray stuffs lolz XD. My aunt bought it for me, i think like $8 each?^O^

3. A forever 21 skirt and dress. I need something nice to wear for dinner I guess T_T(been a hobo for so long T_T). Don't remember the exact price but $15 total i think.

~Also got some new shoe but I forgot to take a picture of it so maybe next time? It's dark navy blue. Oh by the way, thank you all my new followers. You are so supportive ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


Mud mask&random

Hello my lovely readers ^^. Well well well!!! I'm in such a good mood because it's rainning todayXD. I miss the rain so much lately!. Anyway, I got a new mask. It's Magic Mud Masque Facial treatment. It was originally like 15 dollars but on sale for $5 so i'm like "heck yeah i'm buying it". Exams are killing my poor skin lately.

~As you can see it's a really thick black texture. It doesn't smell bad at all. *It smell wonderful actually*. Here are the ingredients stated on the box:
Purified water
Dead sea Black Mud
Glycolic Acid.
DmDM Hydantoin


Product- 4/5 (pretty good)

Price- 5/5

Conveniency- 3/5( a bit messy at first but dry afterward)

Packaging- 5/5 ( i like tube product) =D

~And don't walk around the house with this mask on *warning you will be tease very meanly* Phew, just wash my face and it feel pretty amazing XD

~Also make a trip to the library and I borrow a bunch of mangas below *yup there more* man I read these so fast. I love manga, it gave me a great escape XD. Not only that it's hilarious

I was checking out some of nigahiga new videos and I saw this ad. Man I wish they have this earlier, I was the kid who suffer from bitter medincine and cry about it when I was little *i was puny back then i think* maybe still now =_=. lolz

~ Also i've been checking out other blogs lately and I happen to pass by this giveaway. This was given by our wonderful emily chan and omg * i love it*. You guy should definitely check it out. Here how you can enter =D.


Well good luck everyone and have fun ^^. Sayonara~ Time to reply to my lovely comments

~XOXO Charlotte