Hello everyone, receive my new bb cream today and it's the Missha Watery BB cream ^^. I finished my Missha vita and so here is my new bottle. The seller was super nice and send along a free sample of Laneige yogurt mask. Didn't use it yet but will sure use it later ^^

~Just use it today and I LOVE it, omg feel so light on my skin and match my skin color which is NC30 in Mac. Better oil control than Vita and it's for moisturing purpose (or cakey problem XD).

~Blended in, it's pretty hard to see since it's so dewey and sheer. Right picture you can see the color ^^. Beigh.
Product Overview:
Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5 ($14)
Packaging: 4/5 (have to be very careful because it's very watery which mean you HAVE to SHake it up before using it)
Concern: Since I haven't use it over a long period. I did not know if it might cause a break out but I'll be sure to let you guy Know that. ^^

Hehe, btw I have a bbcream sale/trade. It's the Lioele Beyond the solution BB cream.


Key Points-All in one: Moisturizer + makeup base + foundation + soothing essence
-This cream is formulated to blend in a natural skin colour onto your skin.
-Non-oily and helps make-up stay on whole day
-Helps on acne scars while concealing the flaws
I'm so sad to let this go because it have such a nice natural coverage and great oil control T_T. Here is a picture of me with it on:
Great coverage EXCEPT that my skin is too dark for it. I have NC30 and this bb cream is NC25 and lighter. So if you guy interested I'm willing to trade it for other bbcreams. Or sell it for only $10+2unused stamps shipped anywhere in the U.S (85% left). If you are in Canada then add $3 for shipping. Let me know guy down in the comment box ^^. Thank you!
~Haha, also go bargain hunting with mommy. She love shopping and I love going shopping with my dear mother since she have great taste. XD. Today, I got American Eagle dress shirt (i start collecting it or something) and banana republic jean. I think I finally find my perfect jean in life since it fit me so perfectly and make my legs look so skinny. Xd, thank you mom.

~Btw, I need some help on what to get for mother day?Do you guy have any idea?All comments will be greatly appreciated.
OMG!!!OMG!!! I'm seriously going to beat someone up. *breathe* calm. Okay well the problem is once again I got stuck with this bossy girl in my class again for my FINAL PROJECT. I'm seriously got SO MAD, this project worth 150 points and if I don't do it right I'm failing for sure. The thing is she thinks everything from her is right but it not. I HATE GROUP PROJECT EVER!!! AND FOREVER!!! This increasing my stress level. Not only that I have to go over to her house to film part of our project and spoiled princess will walk around with her head high up in the air again.
Whoo! I feel a bit better now but next week IS GOING TO BE SO STRESSFUL!!! Buddha please bless me.

~Sorry to dump that on you guy but just need to get it off my chest. Well have a wonderful next week and thank you for all the sweet comments ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


Yun Yun said...

i've always wanted to try the bb cream. I'll buy it! E-mail me xmindeo@yahoo.com

Therese Jane said...

I've always wanted to try bb cream but get skin reactions whenever I don't use powder foundation :(

And to your comment on my blog = ♡! I'm glad you liked my pics and thanks for the compliment on J's hair (I was the one who bleached, dyed, and highlighted it). If you ever want hair tips just say the word and I'll type out a post about it! :D

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

give your mum a bunch of flowers!! XDXD
hehehe anyway i also love ashchan XDXDXD

Lai Ying said...

hmm ive never tried bb cream
i dont think i even understand it properly LOL. xD

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Update: The bbcream is sold to YunYun. Thank you ^O^