Mud mask&random

Hello my lovely readers ^^. Well well well!!! I'm in such a good mood because it's rainning todayXD. I miss the rain so much lately!. Anyway, I got a new mask. It's Magic Mud Masque Facial treatment. It was originally like 15 dollars but on sale for $5 so i'm like "heck yeah i'm buying it". Exams are killing my poor skin lately.

~As you can see it's a really thick black texture. It doesn't smell bad at all. *It smell wonderful actually*. Here are the ingredients stated on the box:
Purified water
Dead sea Black Mud
Glycolic Acid.
DmDM Hydantoin


Product- 4/5 (pretty good)

Price- 5/5

Conveniency- 3/5( a bit messy at first but dry afterward)

Packaging- 5/5 ( i like tube product) =D

~And don't walk around the house with this mask on *warning you will be tease very meanly* Phew, just wash my face and it feel pretty amazing XD

~Also make a trip to the library and I borrow a bunch of mangas below *yup there more* man I read these so fast. I love manga, it gave me a great escape XD. Not only that it's hilarious

I was checking out some of nigahiga new videos and I saw this ad. Man I wish they have this earlier, I was the kid who suffer from bitter medincine and cry about it when I was little *i was puny back then i think* maybe still now =_=. lolz

~ Also i've been checking out other blogs lately and I happen to pass by this giveaway. This was given by our wonderful emily chan and omg * i love it*. You guy should definitely check it out. Here how you can enter =D.


Well good luck everyone and have fun ^^. Sayonara~ Time to reply to my lovely comments

~XOXO Charlotte


Vivian said...

aahw love to buy stuff if they're in sale=]

Ian K said...

Aw, thank you! I appreciate it a lot when people say I have a good taste in music :p

You do too! +1000 awesome points for you for liking Replay by Iyaz. It's freaking bombbbbb. :]

Ken said...

=] no ice cream, but i feel a lot better now~! thanks

Ian K said...

Ahh, that's awesome - you should like post a vid of you dancing, that'll be mad as! :D

Did you mean that you breakdance or do I breakdance? LOL if you're asking me then umm.. I used to be into it but then I sucked so I haven't been practicing since.. I do enjoy watching people break though!