Mini clothes haul ^O^!!!

Hello everyone, yesterday I went to the mall and lucky me Forever 21 Hollister and Gap having their huge annual sale *weee* so i got a bit of clothes home. I haven't been shopping for so long due to money reduction *aka, flat broke T_T*

1. I got a Gap dark navy blue hoodie from 39.95 to $10. Yeah it fit and I really need new hoodie badly (old one getting dirty/small holes)
2. Hollister cardigans (green and gray) I seriously got a bunch of gray stuffs lolz XD. My aunt bought it for me, i think like $8 each?^O^

3. A forever 21 skirt and dress. I need something nice to wear for dinner I guess T_T(been a hobo for so long T_T). Don't remember the exact price but $15 total i think.

~Also got some new shoe but I forgot to take a picture of it so maybe next time? It's dark navy blue. Oh by the way, thank you all my new followers. You are so supportive ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

nice clothes, u are not a hobo anymore!

pikaboo said...

oohh!! Lucky lucky!!
What cute cardigans & dress!!!!( / @ w @ \)

Frances said...

*gasp* there's an annual sale?! waaa dang it I'm so broke T__T cute clothes by the way:)

Therese Jane said...

Wooohoo! Annual sale time!!! I'm going to go soon :D

LexiTokyo said...

Wow, nice prices and clothes!
I need to go shopping. >_<

Elisa Lee said...

nice ^^

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

@Therese Jane: Hey therese I can't comment in your blog for some reason but yes you should go the awesome sale ^^. Thank you for following and I'll try to comment on your blog again tomorrow ^^