I need a little love, a little excitement and most importantly I need YOU!

~Hello everyone, =D. How are you guys? I miss you guys sooooo much hehe. So last saturday, megan, Jessica and I go on this prom dress shopping marathon. It was exausted but we found some really gorgeous dress. ^ That dress above cost around $500 (ka ching). Don't worry I don't have enough to paid for it. Nevertheless, the owner was super nice and let us try on all her gorgeous dress.

~So being the brave soul, I volunteer first and the dress took me around 30 minutes to get on (no big deal or anything lolz)

 ~Here Jessica and I. I look like a midget because I have no shoes on T_T and Jess is super tall too!!

 ~The attempt to pose like a princesses lolz
~Megan and I. She tried on a very similar dress to me
 ~ Jess and I after we found our prom dresses. *so Happy!*. Haha, I won't show you what my prom dress look like for now. Try to surprise you guys then =D

~On monday, I was on a roll *a.k.a my brain work more than 50% lolz*. JK. But I won this trivia games in the school about world mythology. The prize was just a broncos hat though (thought it was something bigger lolz)

 ~ This is me wearing the hat -I don't like/look good in baseball caps :(

~And here Walle in the Broncos hat. He looks way cuter!

 ~"Homie, don't stare at the walle!" XD

"How dare you compare me to Tim Tebow?"

~It was a very interested week indeed. I'm so worry about my A.P Calculus test which was very hard and I'm not very confident about it. T_T. *pray to buddha to help me again!*.
~Almost spring break guys. We can do it!
~BTW, I'm on a diet! It's very hard but I hope I could make it. Anybody have a diet story to share with me?Maybe motivate me perhaps? Tips????
~Love you guys!
~XOXO Charlotte


Happy Valentine Day =D

~Hello everyone, Happy valentine day from me and Nikky =D.

~So Nami and I alway have the tradition of spending Valentine Day together. Lolz, maybe that's why we can't date anyone.

 ~Here is Nikky!

 ~Yum the food is amazing XD
~Also we went to build a bear and I saw a bear with spider man costume and get WAY TOO excited lolz. They have hello Kitty at build a bear now! I'm definitely getting one soon XD

And then we play around with the camera in my room. Nikky always make me laugh and I love her sooooo much =D

~Happy Valentine Day everyone. =D
~XOXO Charlotte