I need a little love, a little excitement and most importantly I need YOU!

~Hello everyone, =D. How are you guys? I miss you guys sooooo much hehe. So last saturday, megan, Jessica and I go on this prom dress shopping marathon. It was exausted but we found some really gorgeous dress. ^ That dress above cost around $500 (ka ching). Don't worry I don't have enough to paid for it. Nevertheless, the owner was super nice and let us try on all her gorgeous dress.

~So being the brave soul, I volunteer first and the dress took me around 30 minutes to get on (no big deal or anything lolz)

 ~Here Jessica and I. I look like a midget because I have no shoes on T_T and Jess is super tall too!!

 ~The attempt to pose like a princesses lolz
~Megan and I. She tried on a very similar dress to me
 ~ Jess and I after we found our prom dresses. *so Happy!*. Haha, I won't show you what my prom dress look like for now. Try to surprise you guys then =D

~On monday, I was on a roll *a.k.a my brain work more than 50% lolz*. JK. But I won this trivia games in the school about world mythology. The prize was just a broncos hat though (thought it was something bigger lolz)

 ~ This is me wearing the hat -I don't like/look good in baseball caps :(

~And here Walle in the Broncos hat. He looks way cuter!

 ~"Homie, don't stare at the walle!" XD

"How dare you compare me to Tim Tebow?"

~It was a very interested week indeed. I'm so worry about my A.P Calculus test which was very hard and I'm not very confident about it. T_T. *pray to buddha to help me again!*.
~Almost spring break guys. We can do it!
~BTW, I'm on a diet! It's very hard but I hope I could make it. Anybody have a diet story to share with me?Maybe motivate me perhaps? Tips????
~Love you guys!
~XOXO Charlotte


Nana said...

Your dress is super pretty! : D I think to diet, you have to drink more water!

Angie said...

omigosh :D you look so stunning !!!! the gorgeous long length makes you look like a celebrity princess :)

diet tips: drink tons of water/tea and nothing else! eat lots and lots of vegetables (it's fiber it'll pass right through you). less fat, sugar, bread. more soy and soy chips. but don't starve because your body will absorb more when you do eat. i wrote some posts back when: http://www.pandaphilia.com/search/label/diet

paige said...

looove that dress. you look absolutely beautiful! x

Huy Tran said...

hello Charlotte!

Vietnamese?? CHAO, BAN! BAN KHOE KHONG! ao dam Charlotte chon dep lam! and LOL! Walle looks very funny with that cap on him. :p keep the hat on him yeah? Walle doi non do H thay cung ngau lam, Haha.

Good luck with your Calculus Test, buddy!

Ken said...

you look really pretty charlotte! the pup is very cute

The Little Dust Princess said...

That dress is STUNNING on you, girl! And cute doggy. ^_^