Ulta mini haul ^^.

Hey hey, Charlotte is back ^^. I'm so sorry for not updating lately. Life been a bit dull and busy. Anyway, I went to Ulta last saturday and got a mini haul. Here is a picture:

What I got:

1. Clean and Clear Advantage Mark treatment+ freebies included of pore perfecting moisturizer.

2. Reviva Lab brown spot night gel

3. Essie Nail polish in Sag Harbor

4. Essence nail polish in white.

Clean and Clear Advantage Mark treatment

Price: ❤❤❤❤❤

Packaging: ❤❤❤

Oil control: ❤❤❤❤❤ (the best so far ^^)

Acne treatment: ❤❤❤❤❤

~I only used this for 3 days but Oh my god! this is way better than Neutrogena acne treatment. I never used Clean and Clear brand before but since it was on sale I bought it, *I'm glad I did* ^^. My blackhead look better and blemishes are starting to lighten up ^^ *yay*. Love it! Definitely recommeded!

~This only contained 2% salicylic acid. My skin is combo and sensitive

<--- clear gel inside

The second one I bought is the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night gel which main purpose is to fade brown spot leave behind by acne T_T. Some are starting to appear on my skin and I hated to wear makeup to conceal it everytime T_T.


Packaging:❤❤❤ ( a bit messy but I'm sure we can handle it ^^)

The ingredients contained Glycolic Acid,hydroquinone, aloe vera gel and allontoin etc... There this cooling effect when you put it on before you go to sleep. This is quite suitable to oily skin type like moi ^^.

~Overall, I only used this for 3 days so I don't dare to give a full review yet. But I love the cooling effect. I will do a full review after using it for couple of weeks ^^.

~Talk about makeup and skin care. My shop currently have a HUGE MAKEUP SALE. Please enter here. If you don't have a soompi account then comment below and I could list out the items I'm selling ^^. I can only ship to Canada and U.S for now. Sorry T_T


Bunny is having a giveaway here. Remember to enter, she's super sweet. The dead line is August 23rd.

~That's it for now. Have to study for A.P. Biology and cram school for S.A.T *fun*. Next post is on concealor so stay tune.
~Thank you for all the sweet comment on my last post ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


*The kite is flying away* summer photos

~Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not updating for so long (the whole updating everyday is not working out well for me* but anyway, I'm back after swimming so I decided to upload these pictures. My cousin came over to my house last sunday and she wanted to took some pictures with the tittle *White summer* so here it's ^^. It was extremely fun!

*White Summer*

So?What you guys think?^^ Haha, the weird lightning tsk tsk!

*Here is my cousin Lilly*. She great at posing eh?^^


Lucky, lilly's dog also come over. A cutey isn't he?^^


~After a fun day of playing with lucky. Look at walle on my mom lap while she ironing clothes. Lolz XD

~Well it was fun! I also start to suck it up for my swimming instructor even though he's a weirdo. I will do some makeup reviews next time. Stay tune! and hey tell me about your summer experience ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


O.P.I and the swimming class

Hello gals and guys,
~Thank you once again on the sweet comments on my last post ^^. Well, this post is just for update in my life basically lolz. However, I'll tried to make it interested as much as possible ^^.
~I just ordered some SAT review book, AP biology review book and this one:
~Here is an example of my handwritting:
~Very childish huh?I want to make it cursive (I used to write in cursive but I don't know when I start to write in print). Well, it's summer so I guess it's a good skill to learn ^^.
~Today I have an ortho appointment then go straight to mommy's work and wait for her. She told me to dress professionally, lolz. Here something I put together. (forgot to turn off flash sorry T_T)

~O.P.I nail polish in pooltime lime. A color that I only wear during the summer XD.

~Aside from some of her crazy styles on T.V. I actually love Lady Gaga singing and bow hairstyle/nails. I think I might do the bow nails soon. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you I LOVE BOWS XD

~Bought some new stationary to write to my bff in Vietnam. I missed her so much T_T

~Hmm, if you are my old fellow followers, you will noticed how bad this summer is for me. No matter what I do, it just turned out to be opposite of what I hoped and that just make events worsen. This time, I signed up for the July swimming class (since I suck at the June session one). Guess who teaching me????? A GUY WHO WENT TO MY SCHOOL!!!! O_O. The class was super crowded compare to the June classes and OMG!!!! they're all have different type of swimming level. For example, one who doesn't know how to swim at all, one who swim but suck at it and want to improve (me here!) and one who super good but want to swim faster (sister!). Anyhow, he totally ignore me and run around to teach the other (what a waste of money for an instructor =_=). I should just ask a buddy next time RAWR!!!.
~Sorry about that! I just need to rant so bad. I don't rant with other people (since no one listen lolz) so instead I write a rant.
~Anyhow, for those excellent swimmers out there, can you tutor me so I can swim better? lolz XD
~Luv u,
~XOXO Charlotte


Summer Essential Needs Part II and Haircut?

Hello everyone, sorry for not updating lately. Things keep coming up and my bff is killing me with her princessy problems. I think I need to cut it with the bff and hang out with easy outgoing friends. Anyway, this summer essential part will focused on hair *wee*. Like I promised! Again, this might help my hair but I make no promised on other (since we have different hairtypes ^^)

Hair Profile:
Before styling: straight, dry and thick (if i don't get a haircut that's) ^^. I also coloring my hair every now and then (twice a year?^^)

~I also take swimming every week. so remember my hair is not in the best condition right now T_T. However, these products help a lot!!!!!

1. Shampoo/Conditioner

~My family had use Pantene for like forever! The new line coming out and I'm using Medium to thick hair Pantene from Frizzy to Smooth. Picking the right shampoo/conditioner without too harsh chemical helped a lot ^^

2. Deep conditioner treatments

~Also using Pantene as my deep conditioner. I usually put it on my damp hair, put it into a bun and then wait for 10 minutes before rinse. These help getting rid of split end ^^. Used 2 to 3 times a week.

3.Heat tamers

~Always use a heat protecting spray for your hair. I used this before I curled or straightened my hair. The best one I used is the Tresemme one ^^. Try it, I love it!

4.Boosting lift

~My hair during the summer is really flat and dull (since I sweat more and it weight down my poor hair). These root boosting spray really really does wonder ^^. (don't use mousse if you hair is frizzy, it makes it worse)

5. Leave in Conditioner

~La la la, these are my best friend since I don't have to rinse it out later (lazy here lolz). Anyway, I used this straight after shower or after styling my hair. The one I'm using is Pantene smoothing balm. Help get rid of your split ends ^^.
6. Serum

~I don't use serum that much. I try over 10 different serum but it always make my scalp feel really oily and sticky. However, the John Frieda collection serum is not that bad, I also recommended Biosilk too ^^. Put this on your hair after styling for a smooth finish.

~ Do not tight your hair into a pony tail or a bun too often. This will cause breakage

~Use a swimming cap when swimming

~Wear a hat when it's sun exposing. Your hair will change color and make it super dry


~Do not color your hair within 6 months. Your hair loss will increased in later year which might cause baldness (scary! hairstylist said so)

* I am not sponser by any of these products.


New haircut. Lolz feel a lot lighter now. Not permanent curl, just fun curl that's all ^^.

P.S. Man, I just noticed that from the last new haircut. I keep wearing the same shirt whenever I got a new haircut (lolz, it's the haircut shirt?XD)

~The mall are having a bunch of these sale. From Aeropostale, Victoria Secret, American Eagle etc.... O_O. Anyway, I purchased something from Aero with their Bulldog Sale (lolz, cute). Their t-shirt and tanks are $5 each. Guys and gals come and buy ^^

Giveaway Post

My friend May is having her first blog giveaway. Check it out here
It will end on July 18th so hurry ^^

Georgina also have a super adorable giveaway here
Check it out.
~That's it for now, love you and have a great day. Send me some more new blogs XD.
~XOXO Charlotte


Summer Essential Needs part 1 & 2nd blog award

Hello everyone, thank you once again for the sweet comment last time on my previous post. This week didn't go any better but at least I try to make it better T_T. Anyway, it have been a while since I do any useful post so here it's. This is part one of my summer Essential needs post. It's focused only on face. The next post will be focused on hair. ^^. This post mostly for recommended products to used on your face during the summer. I have used all these products before however it might have different effects on someone else because we all have different skin type ^^.

My skin:
Type: Oily/Acne Prone. Combination around cheek

1. Face sunscreen.

~I used the shiseido sunscreen. This sunscreen is the ONLY sunscreen that is not oily or sticky enough for my face. It did not gives me any pimples like all the other brand did. I always applied sunscreen at the beginning of everyday so when I go out I don't forget and not have it on. The sun basically will damaged your skin cell and make your acne scar darkened. So yes SUN is very scary for your skin. Remember: to reapply everytime you go out of the pool or when you sweat excessively.
2. Mask
~I use masks during the summer often (every two week or so) to deep clean my pore and replenish my skin. Since my skin is especially bad during the summer. Two type of masks I recommended are (masque sauna) and DHC mineral mask (more on the expensive side).

3. Exfoliate EVERY TWO WEEKS ^^!!!!!! Take all those dead skin out ^^.
4. Oil absorbing Sheets

~It's summer and we sweat a lot right?What happened when we sweat?Our pore got clogged and bam acne come up. To prevent your face from become way too oily, I recommended you to use an oil absorbing sheets when you go out. My fav is Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets which doesn't smudge makeup as much ^^.

. Face Wash

~The most important routine during a hot summer day is to wash your face. GET ALL THE OIL and dirt out of your poor skin. I washed my face at least 2 or 3 times a day which prevent new acne from popping up. My fav is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear face wash <----this could be quite drying during the winter however very great for the summer
6. Acne gel

~Even though of all those routine I did up there, I still get some pimples now and then during the summer >_<. However, it got a lot better when I started using Neutrogena rapid clear acne gel. I've been using it for two years now and my skin improved a lot ^^. I put this on before I go to bed ^^.
7. Moisturizer

~I know what you think. Moisturizer during the summer? O_O? Yes, moisturize your face because if you don't your skin will become super flaky and cakey Ew! However, I use a very light and natural product as my moisturizer (other give me pimples) It's the Aloe Vera Gel which not only great as a moisturizer but also to treat sun burn and fade acne scar ^^. I LOVE THIS!
Tips for acne prone skin:
~Always pull your hair away from your face before you go to sleep (you sweat when you sleep and your hair just make all those sweat go to your face)
~Wear sunscreen 24/7
~Do not use heavy foundations for it will clogged your pores more T_T.
That's it for now. Check out my shop here for some products listed above ^^. I am not sponsor by any of the company above. I paid for all of it ^^
~Also did a trade with a soompier earlier this week. Here some smashbox samples I got ^^

~Foundation primer
~Eye Brightener
~Ogloss lip gloss
~DNA mascara
~Tinted moisturizer
~Can't wait to tried it out. I'll do a review later ^^

~Also received my mixstyle earphone. I loved it ^^

2nd blog award!!!
~Thank you to pimbolinda for giving me this Sweet Friend award. I love you ^^. Check out her blog here:

The Rules:
~Post about who giving you this award ^^
~ Stated 10 things you like
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10 things I love:
1. My blog
2. My dogs
3. Bows
4. Makeup
5. Fashion
6. Photography
7. Family Outing
8. My friends
9. Ulzzang
10. My shop
XXX.10 blogs I awarded this to:
~That was hard, everyone is so sweet to me so I have trouble picking which one ^^. However, I pick new winners from my first award so I could spread the love around. Thank you everyone for reading and comment on my blog ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte