Ulta mini haul ^^.

Hey hey, Charlotte is back ^^. I'm so sorry for not updating lately. Life been a bit dull and busy. Anyway, I went to Ulta last saturday and got a mini haul. Here is a picture:

What I got:

1. Clean and Clear Advantage Mark treatment+ freebies included of pore perfecting moisturizer.

2. Reviva Lab brown spot night gel

3. Essie Nail polish in Sag Harbor

4. Essence nail polish in white.

Clean and Clear Advantage Mark treatment

Price: ❤❤❤❤❤

Packaging: ❤❤❤

Oil control: ❤❤❤❤❤ (the best so far ^^)

Acne treatment: ❤❤❤❤❤

~I only used this for 3 days but Oh my god! this is way better than Neutrogena acne treatment. I never used Clean and Clear brand before but since it was on sale I bought it, *I'm glad I did* ^^. My blackhead look better and blemishes are starting to lighten up ^^ *yay*. Love it! Definitely recommeded!

~This only contained 2% salicylic acid. My skin is combo and sensitive

<--- clear gel inside

The second one I bought is the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night gel which main purpose is to fade brown spot leave behind by acne T_T. Some are starting to appear on my skin and I hated to wear makeup to conceal it everytime T_T.


Packaging:❤❤❤ ( a bit messy but I'm sure we can handle it ^^)

The ingredients contained Glycolic Acid,hydroquinone, aloe vera gel and allontoin etc... There this cooling effect when you put it on before you go to sleep. This is quite suitable to oily skin type like moi ^^.

~Overall, I only used this for 3 days so I don't dare to give a full review yet. But I love the cooling effect. I will do a full review after using it for couple of weeks ^^.

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~That's it for now. Have to study for A.P. Biology and cram school for S.A.T *fun*. Next post is on concealor so stay tune.
~Thank you for all the sweet comment on my last post ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

Can't wait to hear your full review on the spot treatment. I'm trying to get rid of dark acne scars as well.

Angie said...

aww i'm excited about the acne treatment product :) good luck studying! i have 10 days left before my mcat so i've been suffering all summer. so close so close!

† мonica-аi † said...

Ahh I hope that treatment works! I have bad acne scars :(((

Pop Champagne said...

can't wait for your review on the treatment! and I can't access your make up sale, it says I got no permissing -_-

강왠진 said...

Update us on the treatment! I really want to know if it works, since I have awful acne scars. ><

Ken said...

hows ur face looking now?!

chung said...

I'm curious about your update as well on the acne treatments ^^

**~Pu-3~** said...

You really have the effort huh! ^^ Is no wonder your skin looks clean, smooth and beautiful

Stevia said...

What an informative post!
Thank you for sharing :)

Good luck on your SAT!

pankeke said...

yayyy im so glad that you said i can share ur dogs... i guess i can buy them a bunch of clothes and treats now =P

i used that whole clean n clear line for awhile! that same spot treatment... the lotion... and it worked for awhile.. but then failed on me and made my skin worse T___T

Anonymous said...

nice haul!

Ive used clean clear pimple gel, it worked well for a short time for me only :(

Janelle said...

try oxy cleansers. i noticed that they really cleared up my skin and match it with a very good moisturizer coz it can make your skin dry if you don't put moisturizer on. you should have one everytime anyway :)

anyway, come check out my site and hope you subscribe! take care, :D

Click on the link to go to my blog. thanks!!
Barestudy Blog

박진아 said...

hooray for actually-working products! haha :)
hope it clears up your skin well! and im interested in that brown spot eliminator.. make a full review once you see some results! I have the same problem as you do!