Summer Essential Needs Part II and Haircut?

Hello everyone, sorry for not updating lately. Things keep coming up and my bff is killing me with her princessy problems. I think I need to cut it with the bff and hang out with easy outgoing friends. Anyway, this summer essential part will focused on hair *wee*. Like I promised! Again, this might help my hair but I make no promised on other (since we have different hairtypes ^^)

Hair Profile:
Before styling: straight, dry and thick (if i don't get a haircut that's) ^^. I also coloring my hair every now and then (twice a year?^^)

~I also take swimming every week. so remember my hair is not in the best condition right now T_T. However, these products help a lot!!!!!

1. Shampoo/Conditioner

~My family had use Pantene for like forever! The new line coming out and I'm using Medium to thick hair Pantene from Frizzy to Smooth. Picking the right shampoo/conditioner without too harsh chemical helped a lot ^^

2. Deep conditioner treatments

~Also using Pantene as my deep conditioner. I usually put it on my damp hair, put it into a bun and then wait for 10 minutes before rinse. These help getting rid of split end ^^. Used 2 to 3 times a week.

3.Heat tamers

~Always use a heat protecting spray for your hair. I used this before I curled or straightened my hair. The best one I used is the Tresemme one ^^. Try it, I love it!

4.Boosting lift

~My hair during the summer is really flat and dull (since I sweat more and it weight down my poor hair). These root boosting spray really really does wonder ^^. (don't use mousse if you hair is frizzy, it makes it worse)

5. Leave in Conditioner

~La la la, these are my best friend since I don't have to rinse it out later (lazy here lolz). Anyway, I used this straight after shower or after styling my hair. The one I'm using is Pantene smoothing balm. Help get rid of your split ends ^^.
6. Serum

~I don't use serum that much. I try over 10 different serum but it always make my scalp feel really oily and sticky. However, the John Frieda collection serum is not that bad, I also recommended Biosilk too ^^. Put this on your hair after styling for a smooth finish.

~ Do not tight your hair into a pony tail or a bun too often. This will cause breakage

~Use a swimming cap when swimming

~Wear a hat when it's sun exposing. Your hair will change color and make it super dry


~Do not color your hair within 6 months. Your hair loss will increased in later year which might cause baldness (scary! hairstylist said so)

* I am not sponser by any of these products.


New haircut. Lolz feel a lot lighter now. Not permanent curl, just fun curl that's all ^^.

P.S. Man, I just noticed that from the last new haircut. I keep wearing the same shirt whenever I got a new haircut (lolz, it's the haircut shirt?XD)

~The mall are having a bunch of these sale. From Aeropostale, Victoria Secret, American Eagle etc.... O_O. Anyway, I purchased something from Aero with their Bulldog Sale (lolz, cute). Their t-shirt and tanks are $5 each. Guys and gals come and buy ^^

Giveaway Post

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It will end on July 18th so hurry ^^

Georgina also have a super adorable giveaway here
Check it out.
~That's it for now, love you and have a great day. Send me some more new blogs XD.
~XOXO Charlotte


Angie said...

wow so many hair products! i'm so lazy so i never do anything but shampoo and condition hahahaa. that's probably why my hair is super damaged. it's been like that since i was little though. meh xD

Ken said...

very cute charlotte!

i like using pantene and tresemme products too

i also like garnier

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Hi Charlotte! o(^-^)/ Long time no talk!! How are you?? You still look pretty anyway! While I'm getting chubbier~~~ LOL XDXD

**~Pu-3~** said...

Love your photo with your curled hair :D very cute! Oww u love pantene do u :) i love them too! N yes nothimg is more important than conditioner lol, i can never comb my hair without it!?!

Frances said...

cute haircut ^^~ and I~~~~~~~~~~~~ adore your new profile pic!!!!!! =D
I have the JF serum too and I love it XD

Frances said...

oh and I forgot to reply to your comment XD
Um I actually got them while I was home in Taiwan (at drugstore called "Watson")... so O_O but I believe you can get them at yesstyle.com under beauty/shiseido... although I'd strongly advise you against it cuz yesstyle.com charge EVERYTHING more than twice the original price if you bought them in Asian countries. You could try ebay (just type in majolica majorca then you will find them) although there's always a risk buying from ebay :T I'm sorry I can't help as much ><~

Ken said...

nerds usually expect a lot!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Sorry for the late reply~~
I only curl my hair when I want to go out shopping etc..
Well I'm just a normal girl who likes to stay at home.. XDXD lol

† мonica-аi † said...

I used to always use pantene! It smells so good :3 now I use shiseido because that's all we really have here -_-
thanks for the outfit comment!

Eder Rodríguez said...

SURPRISE BABY: :) your face is mode. kiss.

Slowbrogal said...

Very nice hair cut!!!!!