Nail Polish and those pretty dandelions

Hello everyone, so I was saying in my last post that I will take a picture of those pretty dandelions around my house right?So here it's. Does it remind you of summer for those who still live in cold weather? I hope you enjoyed these ^^

~The lightning was really good today. Consider that it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

~I was painting my toe nails in the process. Nothing too fancy just a clear coat of my fav nail polish. I love this and well O.P.I but who doesn't?^^

~A friend decide to chip in and help. Here me with my oversize shirt and in my most nature state XD. The bugs was killing me though.

~Hope summer will come soon to everyone. Love you all for your sweet supports ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


A summer day

~Hello everyone, it starts to feel like summer again. Especially how it's 80 degree Fahrenheit outside. I don't even want to get up from bed. Summer feels so great even though A.P biology and A.P European homework pile up I still feel like I've another reason to live for XD. To enjoy this freedom and explore what left of it ^^. Tomorrow I'll be sure to take a picture of the dandelions around my house. They're so lovely this time of year ^^

~Here a picture of me just woke up with messy hair. XD. Lolz I want to see how it goes that's all.Sorry for the weird lightning. The sun was shinning through my window.

~Here my breakfast, dinner and lunch(ice cream + whipped cream). IT'S SO HOT!!!! O_O

~I finally try on the mask last time I blog about. The Laneige strawberry yogurt mask.

~I love how on the back it said DO NOT EAT THE CONTENT. It smells and looks just like strawberry yogurt so I'm not surprise if someone decide to try it while it drying. YUM! XD. I love it, it helps my skin go so smooth. However, I want some facial mask that make my skin feel fresh not moisturing it. Since it's summer I don't think I want more moisture in my face T_T.

~That's all for now. I need to go outside and get some air. The house is so hot oh god! Love you all and thank you for reading this. btw, if you have a soompi account CHECK OUT MY SHOP!!


~PSST, let me know you from my blog and special discount would be given. XD

~XOXO Charlotte.


Sweet 16 birthday update!!!

Hello everyone,

~Sorry it've been more than a week since I updated my blog but last week was final week/my birthday party week so I was too busy/tire to do anything. My birthday is May 23rd, however we have a birthday party for me, nikky and my older sister. The birthday party was taken place on may 22nd. A lot of drama but other than that it was super fun ^^. Here some pictures we took:

~Here the birthday girls. Sorry I look mad I was just super tired at the end of the day.

~Group pictures. I just end up with a black dress. Simple but comfortable ^^

~Pictures with Megan ^^

~Hehe, I love you nikky ^^

~Cookie and Walle on my actual b day ^^. They look lovely hmm?XD

~Also bought these to clear out the black heads. Super duper fantastic. I love it XD

~I bought some roses for sis sis. She loved it ^^

~These are part of my presents. Most of my family members just give me money (Not that I mind of course XD)

~Something hilarious happened when nikky wake up from the sleepover in my house.

~Bought a dress and a cardigan from Forever XXI from the money I got for my birthday. The rest is for my summer swimming classes. T_T
~Yeah that's it for now. Sorry for the late post guy. I will definitely do more reviews on my next post ^^. GUESS WHAT???SUMMER VACATION FINALLY STARTED!!! That mean more time for this blog to be able to update ^^. Thank you so much for your supports my wonderful followers ^^.
~Charlotte. Who is now 16 ^^


Hair dye Review

Hello everyone, so in my last post I promised that I'll post up a hair dye review. So here it's:^^

Original Hair profile:
Color: Dark brown
Condition: 5 or 6 split ends, a bit rough when straightened but shiny^^
Shampoo/conditioner: Pantene 2 in 1 conditioner+extra conditioner called Pantene frizzy to smooth.
Extra Care: On the weekend I like to use this PANTENE PRO V INTENSIVE RESTOREMENT TREATMENT.
Improvement: my hair is a bit flat so I want it to have more depth and more volumn

The hair dye I'll be reviewing today is called CLAIROL PERFECT 10 IN MEDIUM ASH BROWN. Price ranges around $10

~Here is the color turn out without flash and with flash.

~Let just said the picture without flash is a bit mistaken since my hair turn out to be BROWN RED AUBURN COLOR O_O. I was freaking out after I'm done taking a shower, I think my mom might not mix the bottle well when she dye my hair since it's like really red on top and then light brown on the bottom. (OH GOD I WAS TERRIFY). No offense for people with red hair but I don't think red look good on me at all *it look good on someone else though ^^*.So after hearing me complain about it all day my mom decide to get me another hair dye and I told her to buy me THE BLACKEST color possible and she did.

~SO THE NEXT ONE IS CLAIROL PERFECT TEN IN BLACK. Yeah same brand just different color. But here is my current hair color ^^

~My auntie got me an Eddie Bauer shirt. I usually don't like this brand since it have my enemy name on it (bauer) but other than that it's because the brand cost too much for my pocket. But she bought me a baby doll shirt. Which COST $65(still with tag). I'm like OMG O_O, I didn't want to accepted it but she keep urging me so I decided to accept it. The shirt said the buttons are made with real shell but still it's hecka normal for a $65 shirt. (sorry i'm pretty cheap here).

~But I like it, it formed a very feminine sense and it have been forever since I wear a baby doll shirt ^^. Do you ever buy any stuff that you think the price is way too ridiculous but buy it anyway?
~On my last post a lot of people asked me if I will consider going out with the guy who asked me out last friday. To be honest, I don't think so, since I didn't like the fact that he thinks his reputation is too important for him for anything (a preppy/jock kid). I don't know I like guy that is manly BUT sweet, not manly and tough all the time. I doubt he will do anything for me when we go out that I considered as a sweet thing. I must said ignorance type like him who live in his own little world is not my type. I like someone who care and take relationship seriously (lolz sound old here).
~Do you guy have any relationship that you consider quite sweet or romantic?do tell ^^.
~Love you XOXO.
XOXO Charlotte ^^


Mall and life update

Dear readers, I'm so sorry for not updating lately just tests and veryyyy busy since it's almost the end of the school year T_T. Well last saturday, I have a sleepover with nikky again we went to the mall on saturday and haha try on new stuffs I guess XD. The bunny hat is in Claire. Sorry for the strange coloring, it was phone images

Nikky bought a Hello Kitty Lollipop I guess and we just goofing around ^w^ . THIS IS NIKKY PICTURES WHILE HOLDING THE HELLO KITTY LOLLIPOP XD

~zombie hello kitty >O<. When we went to the mall we also met some a boy who asked me out last friday. It was very awkward last friday when he ask me out. Here how it went:

Him:(lean over) What are you doing this weekend?

Me: (lean away) Uh....I don't know,why?

Him: (keep leaning forward) You want to go out sometime?

Me: Uh.....This is sudden

Him: Well what ARE you doing this weekend?

Me: Going shopping, but why do you want to know so badly anyway?Are you a stalker?

Him: (laugh)..... *sigh*(murmuring something)

~Then I met him on that saturday with his brother. He sure gave me a nasty grin. And today he like "hey in the mall, thanks for saying hi to me"(sarcastic). Me"But I didn't" <<--dumbstruck. Man! I will forever be single if this keep going. I suck when it come to dealing with relationship and yet my friend love to come to me.

~But anyway, I went to the mall and got a waist bell AND MY 16 birthday dress. Excited!! Yeah i'm not 16 yet till may 23. WEE!!!!I share my dress later for you *wink*. But do go to Deb+4rever+payless. They have a bunch of $5-$10 sale ^^

~I also have some hair dye horror to tell but that would be for next post since I have to go to sleep now. Well nighty night and thanks for all you new followers out there. I will keep updating good reviews later. ^^, thanks for comment on my last post guy, i check all of your blogs out and comments too ^^. Keep introducing your blog to me eh?

~XOXO Charlotte

p.s. Nikky gave me a french nail manicure. Pretty eh?


Jewelry Haul

Hello everyone ^^. Just like the tittle said I just do a jewelry haul from a soompi seller AngelSoCutie. She was so adorable and super nice. I bought 4 necklaces and 1 pearl bracelet but she add in another 2 necklaces and a hello kitty pouch as freebies. I was so surprise and happy when I get the package. ^^

~The pearl is so pretty, I just need to iron out the ribbon ^^. Here are the design for my necklaces. Close up!

~What you guy think?

~Piggy face time. lolz
We finally share the video I have blog about in my last post and well my teacher, he loved it. That and our group got an A. He love my stupid acting.

~Hope you guy have a great day ^^

~XOXO Charlotte.

P.S.If you have a blog you want me to check out. Give me your link, I love looking around for new blogs ^^.