Life update and Delias

Hello everyone, yesterday is may 1st. At last, the spring had shread its skin to make way for summer. It's also the day where I film the project for my history class ( i completely make a fool of myself because well...I can't dance to '60 songs), =_=. So not excited for tuesday where our teacher showed the clip.

~Well we expect to wear something to look like we are in the 1960, so the whole hippies/tie dye are huge back then so I wear my NASA shirt. And some peace sign/mood rings.
~Yesterday, I heard a big news, my older sister is getting married. She planning to buy a house and move out soon. I was pretty excited for her at first but then I realized that once she moved I'll be the only one left in the house with my mom. She will be taking the dogs with her too. I was pretty depress then I guess, especially when you have a fever from filming the project outside for 5 hours. Oh god! My head about to burst open when there so much stress pushed toward me. Surely, separation is so painful sometime, I did not wish for this to come this soon. I'm so selfish and yet once you feel lonely life take you to a different measure.
~Well anyway, I also received my Delias catalog yesterday. I like the clothes coming out this time so I decide to share it with you guy.

~Yeah, swimming suit issue. Lolz

~I love the top for the middle pictures. It have ruffle and flower prints ^O^

~The bottom in the middle is so cute. Polka dot is adorable.

~Navy dress

~White, white and white. Summer is full of white eh?it creates a soft look.
~These shoes look so comfy and colorful.
~Well I hope everyone will have a better week than I am. I feel so crappy right now. Thank you new followers. Anyway, if you like the fashion above you should order your free catalog here:http://store.delias.com/content/features/search/jsp/index.jsp?brandid=21076S29459570&cmpid=21076S29459570
~XOXO Charlotte D.


mikan mimi (ミカン) said...

ooo delia's! i ordered lots from there before! love white dresses (love color white!)! and boat shoes *Q*

Therese Jane said...

But if your sister moves out... that means you have a free room... walk-in closet time? XD