Sweet 16 birthday update!!!

Hello everyone,

~Sorry it've been more than a week since I updated my blog but last week was final week/my birthday party week so I was too busy/tire to do anything. My birthday is May 23rd, however we have a birthday party for me, nikky and my older sister. The birthday party was taken place on may 22nd. A lot of drama but other than that it was super fun ^^. Here some pictures we took:

~Here the birthday girls. Sorry I look mad I was just super tired at the end of the day.

~Group pictures. I just end up with a black dress. Simple but comfortable ^^

~Pictures with Megan ^^

~Hehe, I love you nikky ^^

~Cookie and Walle on my actual b day ^^. They look lovely hmm?XD

~Also bought these to clear out the black heads. Super duper fantastic. I love it XD

~I bought some roses for sis sis. She loved it ^^

~These are part of my presents. Most of my family members just give me money (Not that I mind of course XD)

~Something hilarious happened when nikky wake up from the sleepover in my house.

~Bought a dress and a cardigan from Forever XXI from the money I got for my birthday. The rest is for my summer swimming classes. T_T
~Yeah that's it for now. Sorry for the late post guy. I will definitely do more reviews on my next post ^^. GUESS WHAT???SUMMER VACATION FINALLY STARTED!!! That mean more time for this blog to be able to update ^^. Thank you so much for your supports my wonderful followers ^^.
~Charlotte. Who is now 16 ^^


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

is that a cupcake pillow? :) a little late, but happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Late but, happy birthday!
I love the cupcake pillow, it's so cute ^-^!

jenniferleeyt said...

I haven't gone around to trying those Biore strips. But I want to so badly! I've heard so many good things about them.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Your doggies are so adorable!
It's alwasy nice to get presents from friends but money from parents are always good :P