A summer day

~Hello everyone, it starts to feel like summer again. Especially how it's 80 degree Fahrenheit outside. I don't even want to get up from bed. Summer feels so great even though A.P biology and A.P European homework pile up I still feel like I've another reason to live for XD. To enjoy this freedom and explore what left of it ^^. Tomorrow I'll be sure to take a picture of the dandelions around my house. They're so lovely this time of year ^^

~Here a picture of me just woke up with messy hair. XD. Lolz I want to see how it goes that's all.Sorry for the weird lightning. The sun was shinning through my window.

~Here my breakfast, dinner and lunch(ice cream + whipped cream). IT'S SO HOT!!!! O_O

~I finally try on the mask last time I blog about. The Laneige strawberry yogurt mask.

~I love how on the back it said DO NOT EAT THE CONTENT. It smells and looks just like strawberry yogurt so I'm not surprise if someone decide to try it while it drying. YUM! XD. I love it, it helps my skin go so smooth. However, I want some facial mask that make my skin feel fresh not moisturing it. Since it's summer I don't think I want more moisture in my face T_T.

~That's all for now. I need to go outside and get some air. The house is so hot oh god! Love you all and thank you for reading this. btw, if you have a soompi account CHECK OUT MY SHOP!!


~PSST, let me know you from my blog and special discount would be given. XD

~XOXO Charlotte.


Therese Jane said...

I love the song "Y"! Hahahahah. I paused my ITunes (which had switched from "Y" to "Love is my Drug" just now) so I could listen to it playing off your blog.

I really don't like moisturizing masks, either, considering that I don't have dry skin. If you find any 'fresh' masks tell me what's up, please!

Anonymous said...

It's so cold on this side. :( I do, miss the hot weather sometimes.

Therese Jane said...

Thanks for the comment. Idk why, but unlike everyone else, my fav in MBLAQ is Seungho! Hahahahahahah. Despite his soft belly (LOL, I hope you've been watching their Idol Army episodes, otherwise I sound like a weirdo).

And Idk if it's the contact solution I use, but the contacts are ridiculously comfortable.

May @ Rad said...

LOL!! I love MBLAQ too! I'm more into Lee Joon and G.O. hahaha.. =p

I've heard lots of raves on the strawberry yogurt pack. I'm thinking of getting one for myself or just sneak some from my sister when I get back. hehe..

**~Pu-3~** said...

Ice-cream and whipped cream! YUM!!!:d