Yoo hoo! How is Christmas this year? Mine was really eventful. We got bunch of presents ^^. Here are some recap of Christmas!

~Some of my first Christmas presents (the first one is always so cute). They are from my friends

~My sister and I!

Even Cookie and Walle look all festive =D

~So I received a lot of Gift Cards and money instead of random stuffs this year (thank you , God!) so I went for a little shopping spree

*roar*. I love the golden eyes XD

~My new jacket ^^


And just a dress! =D
~What did you guys get?
~After telling mom how Forever 21 skinny jeans suck! she got me an express one for Christmas. Needless to said I love it.
~Recently, we have been feeding our squirrels (they look so sad in the winter without any food T_T)

~Is he cute or what? ^ O ^

~I hope you guys have a great New Year! I hope I will hear from the Medical School sometime in January.
~XOXO Charlotte



~Hellooooo my lovely bloggers. How is everyone feeling?Cold?Sick?Happy?Tire?. Snow finally arrived in Colorado. It was a pain to drive in this weather T_T. Here a taste of what it looks like right now

~Are they so cute? XD

~Therefore I decide to start my winter regime. Here is my regime for this winter. Hope you enjoy =D

 1. Mask. I still want to deep clean my face during the winter even though it's not as clogged. After hearing a rave about the Queen Helene: Mint Julep Masque, I really want to try it but it was no where to be found T_T. Until Family dollar carry them. I bought it right away since it was only $3 =D. So far I LOVE IT, it does take out all the blackheads and somewhat shrink my pores. It's DRYING though so please put on moisturizer right away after washing the mask.

~Warning: You might look kind of scary while it's on XD

~Step 2: Winter is a great time for whitening your skin. The Likas Papaya soap had recently arrive at my mailbox. It suppose to be great at lightening your skin therefore I want to try it. It's super drying though so DO WEAR MOISTURIZER.

 ~I will give you guys a review about this soap later =D

~Step 3: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
My mom and I are in love with Burt's Bees products, which mostly contained very natural ingredients =D. The Radiance Night Cream is the best moisturizer so far ^^
~Milky White

~Also, we bought an eyecream from burtbees. LOVE IT!!! Definitely recommended. It help getting rid of those wrinkles and puffey eyes =D
Now, even though it's winter that doesn't mean it time to not going to the gym or quit eating healthy food. I look at the calories wheneverI buy anything. This is the LEAST calories cereal I found =D (110)

~Yum Yum! Also salad is a great way of losing weight =D
 ~Jingle Bells! Christmas is almost here (I CAN"T WAIT!!!). This is my first Christmas present. hehe! (socks every year)

~Final is in after next week. I'm frightened just by thinking about it. Next weekend is the sitting home weekend crying while studying lolz. I hate school now since my friends turned into mrs. I think I'm so popular. Oh well! Can't wait to get out of high school =D
~XOXO Charlotte


Thanksgiving 2011

Dear readers,
~Time fly by so fast right?I remember blogging about thanksgiving last year and now here it is again =D.  I have this feeling that people change with time but those changes sometime could appear to be bad or maybe fair. Anyhow, I'm thankful for what I have right now. A happy family!

~Me and my cutie cousin. (this was when we were already full and beg the food to digest quickly for another feast!)

~Me with nikky,cousin lili and walle


~Me and my awkward pose

~Nikky again

~Cousin lili and my cutie =D

~Overall the day was very fun! I feel like Nikky and I are separating a bit though. She has such different views on life than I do and it just feel disconnected somehow. Sigh! How was everyone thanksgiving?
~So sad I have to go back to school next week. Did anybody go black friday shopping?I just got a pair of shoe for $7 haha
~XOXO Charlotte


~Medical School~

 ~Hello my lovely bloggers ^^, long time no chat lolz. So this saturday I was fortunate enough to be selected as the few seniors who will be interview for medical school. (45/1000 kids). They pick 10 people from 45. The interview was nerve breaking and I have a very mean lady who interview me at first (there are two interviews total)
Lady: So can you tell me about the Obama Health Care Plan and how it will effect future physician practices?
Me: (thinking Sh*t)........Well I think it it VERY IMPORTANT and I believe that it will provide the right medication/care for families (the truth is I have no idea what is the key points of Obama Health Care plan is)
Lady: *look dissapointed*
~Eh I think I have to reapply again in college for the medical school (urgg just my luck to get her). She should have asked NORMAL questions.

~Nikky went to the interview with me. SO here some pictures lolz

~Nikky want to get in this program next year too. I wish her luck
 ~After that, to make me feel better we went shopping downtown and well bought a buch of cupcake lolz

 ~The cupcakes. Yay!

~The tea party was awesome!
Does anybody here want to go to medical school too? If so please tell me your experiences. Love you!
~XOXO Charlotte D


A little kinder

 Hello everyone, ^^
~I missed you guys. I feel like my blog is somewhat a private space to share items about my life without interfering too much with society.
~ it was homecoming in the school this week. Needless to say I feel too lazy to go to the homecoming dance and so I went to a birthday party instead =D. To be honest I don't think I'm going to miss anything about this high school of mine. People become way too dishonest and cynical overtime that I rather take back those innocent days of laughters. Anyway, the homecoming theme this year was GREEK GODS. And as senior we got Zeus (duh!). We won the homecoming pep assembly too.

~The homecoming shirt design this year was cool, so I bought one ^^

Symbol this year was the lightning bolt so in order to get ready for the pep assembly, we all drew a lighning bolt on our forhead or across our faces lolz. Here is mine:
~It not that good anymore since it kind of smudged thoughout the day but lolz. I will missed these I guess but I will definitely will not miss the people.
~I got accepted to the university I want to go to ^^. Just a medical school application left and I'm done. YAY!
~A true friend is so hard to find nowaday :\.
~Love you all though.
~XOXO Charlotte