A little kinder

 Hello everyone, ^^
~I missed you guys. I feel like my blog is somewhat a private space to share items about my life without interfering too much with society.
~ it was homecoming in the school this week. Needless to say I feel too lazy to go to the homecoming dance and so I went to a birthday party instead =D. To be honest I don't think I'm going to miss anything about this high school of mine. People become way too dishonest and cynical overtime that I rather take back those innocent days of laughters. Anyway, the homecoming theme this year was GREEK GODS. And as senior we got Zeus (duh!). We won the homecoming pep assembly too.

~The homecoming shirt design this year was cool, so I bought one ^^

Symbol this year was the lightning bolt so in order to get ready for the pep assembly, we all drew a lighning bolt on our forhead or across our faces lolz. Here is mine:
~It not that good anymore since it kind of smudged thoughout the day but lolz. I will missed these I guess but I will definitely will not miss the people.
~I got accepted to the university I want to go to ^^. Just a medical school application left and I'm done. YAY!
~A true friend is so hard to find nowaday :\.
~Love you all though.
~XOXO Charlotte


Angie said...

you look really naturally pretty! i'm glad that you got some outfit inspiration :) can't wait to see your take

pandaphilia style

Anonymous said...

Precioso tu blog! me encanta! Las fotos son geniales!
Espero que te pases por el mío, y si te gusta no dudes en seguirme :)

Un saludo

Frances said...

congratulations! are you staying in CO or going out of state??? =D

PS: you look cute in these pics :)