~Medical School~

 ~Hello my lovely bloggers ^^, long time no chat lolz. So this saturday I was fortunate enough to be selected as the few seniors who will be interview for medical school. (45/1000 kids). They pick 10 people from 45. The interview was nerve breaking and I have a very mean lady who interview me at first (there are two interviews total)
Lady: So can you tell me about the Obama Health Care Plan and how it will effect future physician practices?
Me: (thinking Sh*t)........Well I think it it VERY IMPORTANT and I believe that it will provide the right medication/care for families (the truth is I have no idea what is the key points of Obama Health Care plan is)
Lady: *look dissapointed*
~Eh I think I have to reapply again in college for the medical school (urgg just my luck to get her). She should have asked NORMAL questions.

~Nikky went to the interview with me. SO here some pictures lolz

~Nikky want to get in this program next year too. I wish her luck
 ~After that, to make me feel better we went shopping downtown and well bought a buch of cupcake lolz

 ~The cupcakes. Yay!

~The tea party was awesome!
Does anybody here want to go to medical school too? If so please tell me your experiences. Love you!
~XOXO Charlotte D


Frances said...

Ahh, I hope you still get in anyway. Good job! 45/1000 is impressive :) I don't know how you prepared for interviews, but I googled a bunch of possible interview questions and just think them over. You can even practice saying your answers. I found "student doctor network" SUPER helpful. Ppl share their experiences/the interview questions they got asked from different schools. I used it to study for my pharmacy school interview, and I know they have it for medical school too. I'm not surprised they asked about the Obama healthcare because they tend to ask current issues so try to keep up with health/medical related news :) Best of luck! ^_^

Frances said...

oh also, know the school's curriculum, and think about what stands out to you. That way it shows you're really interested in that particular school :)

Ken said...

little one, so you are going to medical school? good luck! do well on the interviews!

LaPetiteIchigo said...

aw, hope you will be able to get there, stupid lady >< wish you lot of luck ^^
btw, you and your friend looks very cute on photos ^^ and that cupcakes looks soo yummy *.*

Candypop said...

Hey charlotte! thanks for your comment on my blog :) following you back!
Congrats on getting the interview! I have an interview this Tues for Oral Health to become a dental hygienist! I really hope it goes well for me and i get offered !! :DD