Another week...another wish

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Dear bloggers,
I am blessed with such a good summer and good books to read. Why did I put the quote above in my blog post? First of all, The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books and second of all, I am going back to be busy busy busy with work and school starting next week (boo!). The beginning of the school year always marked by a sense of excitement and then a nostalgic feeling after I am being drowned by works. Human must continue to strive and fight in order to survive and that is exactly how the real world is :'(

My summer pastime....tea, mochi and good books

~I have a meeting with the lovely Megan again for our back to school textbooks shopping (cost: $750). OMG!!!

~Remember that Target beauty box I got a while ago? I finally try out the nail polish strips that come with the box. It was funny because I was making fun of how it reminded me of giraffe. 
 ~It is called Queen of the Jungle. But honestly it should call shades of giraffe. First: you apply the stickers on your nails.
 ~Second you file the extra bit with a mini file they gave you
~And ta dah giraffe nails. haha!

And I'm having BEAUTY PRODUCTS REVIEW in my next post so stay tuned . The two items I will be reviewing are:

1. Tonymoly tomato mask
2. Etude house eye and lip makeup remover
  *yay* see? I'm not too lazy
Until next time...
XOXO Charlotte