A little bit of me...

Dear bloggers,
~I made a promise to myself that I will write a post that mark the end of 2012. Usually, I reflected on events over the year so here goes:
~2012 was a very interested year ( a large transition, sleepless nights and fearful flashback). I was alone and sometimes it was lonely but toward the end I was at peace (somewhat, lolz).
~For the NEW YEAR, I do not wish to make any new resolution (since most of them ended up failing anyway lolz) but I do wish to BE TRUE TO MYSELF, to be more grateful for what I have and neglected what others said. I wish to NOT judge people because I am not perfect myself.
~It was last night that I question myself of "why do I want to become a doctor/or dentist in the future?" Is it the right thing for me? Is it what I really wanted or just because it's simply for the money? I'm not sure myself....and I'm scare to ask myself that question again....
Anyway, let's move on shall we? ^^. Here is the small *economical* Christmas tree this year!

 Family night

My favorite gift this year! :D
Also, I finally got myself an Otter Box case for my Iphone :D
~Nikky and I are fighting again. I'm so tire of being the one who always initiated plans. I felt left out as well. Perhaps, it is time for me to move on and not longing for the glorious past. *sigh*
~My old laptop crashed O_o (yeah I was SO depressed) but I got a new Samsung laptop which put a heavy dent in my credit card. Is it bad to be in debt so early in the year? *sigh*
~Well I hope you guys have a glorious New Year. *mwah*


Birchbox & Ipsy box November review and hello again!

Hello peeps,
~Haha I'm just kidding! I missed you guys soooo much! I'm sorry for not being able to blog frequently. However,I am now officially a college student (yeah!!!). Well the first day of school in college was nerv breaking but I found a good part time job to give me some extra money each month (paying the bills is so not fun though!)
~There are so much stress invested in you once you became an adult. There are irritated people you have to face, pile of homework that become solely your responsibility (no parents to tell you to do your homework!) and MOST IMPORTANTLY! you have to figure out what you want to do in life from now on =_=. What do you want to do? How are you going to do it? Where and who do you want to invest your time in? How did you cope to stress? Millions and gazillions of questions popping in my head everyday!
~Anyway, in the past month I subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy (formerly myglam) makeup boxes. These are services that provide you with beauty samples every month with the charge of $10/month. I love surprises so I was so excited to subscribe!!!

November Ipsy Box

~ There is a total of 5 beauty samples all of which packaged in a cute and convenient black bag. The bag contained the following samples: The theme is "Party Perfect"
1.nailtini Lacquer (in this golden sparkly color)

2. Matt(e) eyeshadow in black
3.Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
4. Startlet Intense Eyeliner in black
5. Benefit "They're Real Beyond mascara"
Overall I LOVE this box because all the samples are very useful and very good products!
Ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤ :)
November Birchbox
 This is the November Birchbox. The them is GIVE.
It included the following 5 samples:
1. Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur perfume sample
2. ModeCo Fibre Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara
3.Once Love Organics Aromatic Body Serum
4. Oscar Blandi Pronto texture and Volume Spray
5. Soyjoy Cranberry Snack Pack
~Compare to the ipsy box, the birchbox was a big dissapointment. The Body Serum is super sticky and smell kind of strong, The Oscar Blandi Volume Spray smell super upder bad and the Soyjoi snack pack is kind of irrelevant (I signed up for beauty products not food lolz). The two things I was excited about was the mascara and the perfume sample.
~Overall ratings ❤❤❤
~I feel like what I paid is more than what they actually give me! :(
~So I cancelled their subscription. However, maybe when I'm bore then I will sign up again! Hopefully they will improve their box by then :)

~So Nikky and I was being kind of distant lately. For you new subscribers, Nikky is my best friend :). However, We just started to talk again and have a sleepover the other day! Here some silly pictures of us haha

~How did you guys cope with college life (and college weight lolz). Let me know in the comment below!
~I will see you guys soon!
XOXO Charlotte


The prevail of greatness!

Hello World,
The days of summer are running out and so far I have neglected my wonderful blog. *shame, shame*. I have been very busy this summer. For instance, running around searching for part time jobs, getting ready for uni life and much more importantly to help prepare myself to live the life that will be far different than anything I have experiences before. This is the time where I could seek out the changes that I wished to have.

Two weeks ago, my family made a trip to Vail, Colorado. Vail is famous as a beautiful skiing resort city and its European inspired architectural streets. Below are some photos I took at Vail. However, I was playing around so there are some FOTD pictures. lolz

~I have no idea what am I doing at the time lolz
~Vail photos

Family portrait lolz.
~How was your summer, everyone? I will be going to work starting July 30th and starting uni starting August 20th. Days of summer go by fast eh?
When was the last time you feel a big change coming into your life?
And btw, can you please tell me any good book I could read? Thanks!
~XOXO Charlotte


Busy summer!

Hello lovely bloggers,
I'm sorry for abandoned this blog for so long. My sister got married on June 30th therefore I have no time to do anything beside organizing the wedding. Well for the first 2 weeks of June I have a lot of leisure times but after that it was BUSY...BUSY...BUSY choosing cakes, flowers, music, dresses etc....

June 1st, I baked my first flan.

June 14th, I organized my closet by colors =D

June 15th, I practiced my bridesmaid makeup and hairdo (I did my own and several others bridesmaids)

~My materials:

~Egyptian wing eyeliner?lolz

~Using the L.A. color purple palette, I decided to go with a smokey/sparkly purple

.....Well, the professional pictures for my sister wedding is not available yet so here "some of the behind the scenes photos" lolz

~Yvette and I (bridesmaids)


~The Bride (a.k.a my sister) opened presents after the wedding party lolz
 ~Serious face :P

~I promise to post the professional pictures once I get a hold of them :D


~For 4th of july, my family went to Blackhawk Isle Casino. (haha, I just went for the buffet). There are no fireworks because of all the wildfires going on T_T
~Sis and I

~Well, well...It is almost time for UNI to start. *sigh*. I'm looking for jobs and will have interviews next week (wish me luck!). I love you guys and hope you guys have a wonderful summer =D. Tell me your quirky summer stories too!
~XOXO Charlotte


Birthday 2012

Hello everyone,
~I turned 18 on May 23rd. In order to celebrate, my friends and some of my family members open up a small party. We have a sleepover and take the boat out to Chatfield Lake. It was super duper fun! :D. Here are some glimpses into my life!

~My friends try to fly their kites (unsucessfully) since there are no wind.

~Jessica, Megan and I
~The gangs :D
~The scarves megan knitted for us (she is so talented!)

~S.O.S lolz (we were inspired by the movie Cast Away) hehe

~And here the one direction inspiration pictures :D
~ I want to introduce to you guys the new family member, Colby. We found him wandering around our house starving :(. Moreover, his tail was bitten by a fox. Therefore, we took him in and took him to the vet. He is now very happy and sleep all day hehe

~ Hello Kitty addicts? I am! Megan got these playing cards for me haha

~who need old boring cards right? haha
~Turning older doesn't mean it is a life changing experience (for me it is). I feel like it is the same but when you are older, you are given more responsibilites to deal with. Indeed, that is the hardest for me! You are not only expected to take care of yourself but also others. A burdensome is it? But you have to be pressured in order to grow. This summer I want to prepare myself so when I go to college I could look the world in the eyes and said: "I'm ready!"
~Cheesy eh? haha. What is your most memorable summer?
~XOXO Charlotte


graduation 2012

~Hello everyone,
~Charlotte here! I am so glad to announce that I am now 18 and had graduated from high school. I will be attending a unversity in the fall of 2012. My graduation was taken place on 5/16. It was a very hot day but all and all it was fun and exciting :)

~Here some pictures! As you can see, it was taken place in a football field

~My sis and I

~The honor chords. The silver and red is for high honor, the yellow is for national high school scholar and the blue and yellow is for national honor society. I look like a curtain lolz

~Phew! I am so glad it is over! I can't wait to move on! Don't get me wrong, High School is great! but I feel that everyone is so simple minded. We keep aligned ourselves to the same set of beliefs. Over a certain period, I started to believe that we are indeed not getting anywhere. :|. Haha, but now that we are graduates and have our dreams in mind, we are one step closer to the reality.
~And so we throw our metaboards into the air and said goodbye to our high school lives and hello to reality. Please welcome us with an open arm! :D