Busy summer!

Hello lovely bloggers,
I'm sorry for abandoned this blog for so long. My sister got married on June 30th therefore I have no time to do anything beside organizing the wedding. Well for the first 2 weeks of June I have a lot of leisure times but after that it was BUSY...BUSY...BUSY choosing cakes, flowers, music, dresses etc....

June 1st, I baked my first flan.

June 14th, I organized my closet by colors =D

June 15th, I practiced my bridesmaid makeup and hairdo (I did my own and several others bridesmaids)

~My materials:

~Egyptian wing eyeliner?lolz

~Using the L.A. color purple palette, I decided to go with a smokey/sparkly purple

.....Well, the professional pictures for my sister wedding is not available yet so here "some of the behind the scenes photos" lolz

~Yvette and I (bridesmaids)


~The Bride (a.k.a my sister) opened presents after the wedding party lolz
 ~Serious face :P

~I promise to post the professional pictures once I get a hold of them :D


~For 4th of july, my family went to Blackhawk Isle Casino. (haha, I just went for the buffet). There are no fireworks because of all the wildfires going on T_T
~Sis and I

~Well, well...It is almost time for UNI to start. *sigh*. I'm looking for jobs and will have interviews next week (wish me luck!). I love you guys and hope you guys have a wonderful summer =D. Tell me your quirky summer stories too!
~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

i love flan. give me some!

Sick by Trend said...

That flan looks delicious! Photos are lovely :)