Birthday 2012

Hello everyone,
~I turned 18 on May 23rd. In order to celebrate, my friends and some of my family members open up a small party. We have a sleepover and take the boat out to Chatfield Lake. It was super duper fun! :D. Here are some glimpses into my life!

~My friends try to fly their kites (unsucessfully) since there are no wind.

~Jessica, Megan and I
~The gangs :D
~The scarves megan knitted for us (she is so talented!)

~S.O.S lolz (we were inspired by the movie Cast Away) hehe

~And here the one direction inspiration pictures :D
~ I want to introduce to you guys the new family member, Colby. We found him wandering around our house starving :(. Moreover, his tail was bitten by a fox. Therefore, we took him in and took him to the vet. He is now very happy and sleep all day hehe

~ Hello Kitty addicts? I am! Megan got these playing cards for me haha

~who need old boring cards right? haha
~Turning older doesn't mean it is a life changing experience (for me it is). I feel like it is the same but when you are older, you are given more responsibilites to deal with. Indeed, that is the hardest for me! You are not only expected to take care of yourself but also others. A burdensome is it? But you have to be pressured in order to grow. This summer I want to prepare myself so when I go to college I could look the world in the eyes and said: "I'm ready!"
~Cheesy eh? haha. What is your most memorable summer?
~XOXO Charlotte


Nana said...

Wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! : D The hello kitty cards are so cute!

Sara said...

Love you're blog.
I follow u! A lot of kisses, http://zapatodetacon.blogspot.com.es/

Disturbed Style said...

Great photos! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday! You share the same bday as my sister hehe

twocentseach said...

o my gosh! the hello kitty cards are so cute! and happy belated birthday! :) xx

Yuki said...

Visiting the lakeside looks super fun! :o The pictures look so nice and summery~~

Masha Kapatasha said...

i think that you have a very interesting and cute blog! i am your new follower:) can you check my blog?http://mkapatasha.blogspot.com/