graduation 2012

~Hello everyone,
~Charlotte here! I am so glad to announce that I am now 18 and had graduated from high school. I will be attending a unversity in the fall of 2012. My graduation was taken place on 5/16. It was a very hot day but all and all it was fun and exciting :)

~Here some pictures! As you can see, it was taken place in a football field

~My sis and I

~The honor chords. The silver and red is for high honor, the yellow is for national high school scholar and the blue and yellow is for national honor society. I look like a curtain lolz

~Phew! I am so glad it is over! I can't wait to move on! Don't get me wrong, High School is great! but I feel that everyone is so simple minded. We keep aligned ourselves to the same set of beliefs. Over a certain period, I started to believe that we are indeed not getting anywhere. :|. Haha, but now that we are graduates and have our dreams in mind, we are one step closer to the reality.
~And so we throw our metaboards into the air and said goodbye to our high school lives and hello to reality. Please welcome us with an open arm! :D


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Congratulatins! :)

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