~Hello lovely readers,
Sorry I haven't blog lately. I was very sick and there are just so much stuffs to do T_T. Here is the picture when I just come down with a cold. I feel a little bit better with all the Tylenols though.

~FOTD. Feel a bit better =)
~Walle love =D

~My sparkly pink cardigan lolz. Mom got it from Banana Republic

~Finally spend my Barnes&Noble Gift card. I got a novel and an Origami kit!

I'm really happy about my Mario Badescus items ^^. I got the Silver Powder! Which suppose to help getting rid of your blackheads

~Some samples I received along with the products =D

~Careful when you open the lid or this may happen lolz poof I was cover in white dust!

~Ta da!

~Step 1: Wet your cotton pad. Rinse it out a little so it would be damp instead of soaked

~Step 2: Swipe it with the powder. It turn into a paste =D. You then just apply it on your blackhead area (nose and chin?)

~I really like this product. It make my pores a lot smaller and smoother. I recommend using it with the blackheads strips (biore?)
~Buy it again? (5/5). Definitely!

~Life? Hmm, my life sucks lately. Too much hw and family problems. I feel that since we are older, there are more worries coming our way. Oh dear! But you know I feel as if I'm making more friends in school so that's a good thing right?
~XOXO Charlotte


*Open your heart a little*

Dear readers,
~This is my first post for 2012 so I want to make it meaningful (well at least for me haha). 2011 was a challenging year, full of ups and down. It was the first year where I faced changes in my life, family and friends . I know that this is part of growing up but it's difficult to go out of your comfort zone. In addition, it was the year for college applications and worrying about the possibilities in the furture.Constantly, I'm afraid that if life goes on without a catch of breath, I will not be able to stay sane. Needless to say, I did change my course in life and I want to keep striving for what I believe in. My goal for 2012?
~Stay true to yourself.
I love you guys! You guys are amazing to keep my dream as a blogger alive. =D. I hope the new year will bring you lots of hopes and happiness.
~I received a silver crackle nail polish for a late Christmas gift. Isn't it so cool? ^^

This is my favorite nail polish at the moment. It's L.A. Color in Topaz

~I purchased a new purse. Something simple for my everyday outfit ^^

~I got a dress for graduation. You can see I'm very excited to graduate from High School!!!

~It's the last semester of High School. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I hope everything will turn out alright.
~Love you guys. *mwah*
~XOXO Charlotte