~Hello lovely readers,
Sorry I haven't blog lately. I was very sick and there are just so much stuffs to do T_T. Here is the picture when I just come down with a cold. I feel a little bit better with all the Tylenols though.

~FOTD. Feel a bit better =)
~Walle love =D

~My sparkly pink cardigan lolz. Mom got it from Banana Republic

~Finally spend my Barnes&Noble Gift card. I got a novel and an Origami kit!

I'm really happy about my Mario Badescus items ^^. I got the Silver Powder! Which suppose to help getting rid of your blackheads

~Some samples I received along with the products =D

~Careful when you open the lid or this may happen lolz poof I was cover in white dust!

~Ta da!

~Step 1: Wet your cotton pad. Rinse it out a little so it would be damp instead of soaked

~Step 2: Swipe it with the powder. It turn into a paste =D. You then just apply it on your blackhead area (nose and chin?)

~I really like this product. It make my pores a lot smaller and smoother. I recommend using it with the blackheads strips (biore?)
~Buy it again? (5/5). Definitely!

~Life? Hmm, my life sucks lately. Too much hw and family problems. I feel that since we are older, there are more worries coming our way. Oh dear! But you know I feel as if I'm making more friends in school so that's a good thing right?
~XOXO Charlotte


Bambi said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you've been feeling more better ): I hate blackheads, I seriously could use biore strips every day T.T But this looks so cool @__@

mccandie said...

you have very nice hair! i like it! :))

LaPetiteIchigo said...

Hi sweetie,
hope you feel better now. Take care of yourself.
Well i think problems are still here, but also good days, right? :)
happy for you to make new friends in school :)
And that powder looks amazing *.*
wish you nice day and get well soon ^^

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

wow i've never seen anything like that! i just use pore strips x.x

and i hope you feel better now :((((

Lucija said...

You look so so pretty!!
Follow each other? :))