☯I am....who I am☮

~Hello everyone. First of all: IT'S HOT!☼

~So life is hard. Too much worries nowaday. But today I just realized something and I will make it my goal for the rest of the summer. THIS IS MY SUMMER!! WHICH MEAN I WILL ENJOY IT BY ALL CAUSE!! AND I WILL STOP WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING AND JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!
~woo that feel good to yell out loud!
~So learning how to drive with sis nowaday. I think every time I got on the car with sis I always got a big heart attack

Situation 1:
Sis: STOP!
Me: *stop the car abruptly*
Me: *sweating

Situation 2:
Me: *Look at the pedometer which stated 5 miles above speed limit* *quickly slow down*
Sis: OMG! Speed up
Me: *look at the pedometer which a sec ago go up hill so go down 2 miles below speed limit*
Sis: Don't drive at your own speed. I want to go home without getting arrested

Situation 3:
Sis: Change lane! Hurry!
Me: *change lane quickly*
Sis: Why are you changing lane so quickly. The car almost hit your car!
Me: Cry *but i thought you said* buh buh

~I guess part of it was my fault. But my sis yell so much while teaching that it scare the crap out of me. She scream not talk btw!
~So i gave up and still in need of a driver license☠
~Sis just sign me up for 6 hours behind the wheel trainning. I'm kind of worry since they will make me go up all the way to the mountain *sigh*. But I decide that I should worry then not now because for god sake I don't know what going to happen and all this is making my hair gray!
~I'm kind of sad. She moving away from the house forever to live with her fiance tomorrow. Even if she killing me most of the time. Not having her there is just depressing (emo mode).

~Btw here the mix and match outfits post that I promised you guys:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4:

Outfit 5



Ken is having a giveaway here right now. The gift is a surprise ^^. End at July 4th so hurry!
~That is all for now! Have a great summer guys! Don't worry too much like me! Wish me luck too btw (with the driving lesson lolz)
~XOXO Charlotte
P.S. People were asking me if I was wearing makeup on my last post. To be honest I haven't wearing makeup since the third week of summer since it's so hot. Why?Am I look hideous?lolz


Dear life (post 1)

***Note to blogger: This post is different than my normal post. This is my diary of a sort and it's a way that I reflect life ***

~I used to wish for a world without war. Without hate. But then I realized that it was illogical to wish for such things. If there was no war, no hate then we couldn’t put a reason to define the word love and peace anymore. What if the world was an acceptance place? What if everyone couldn’t understand the frowning, the crying and the heartache? Then does it mean there was nothing that could be describe as true happiness?. I was once a person who doesn’t understand or know what true hatreds were. Until recently, that hatred was something far and yet it penetrated deep into my soul. I couldn’t extend my hands to ask for help because I realized that the people around me were the one hating me. What is it that makes them hated me so much? It was an action! A vulnerable one and yet I judged it to be a concise one. Would I change my action? No I would not. But if I could I would ask to be a bit more patience and calm. Why is it so hard to hate on someone rather than love someone? Even your mind tells you it’s immoral to subject a single person to such hatreds, darkness and tears.

~"And then you give up and pose that brave stand. At last, you ask for nothing in return and everything to give. "


I learn how to smile today and consider myself a lucky star. I don’t know when I had forgotten to smile in pictures but it soon becomes a habit and I hide myself from the world. I wish that I realized sooner that a smile mean more than just a good picture, it also mean a creation of happiness.

~There seem to be four phases in my smile

~XOXO Charlotte


* Live update & Australia*

Hello lovely bloggers ^^,

Sorry for not updating for so long. I have been super busy with driving practices and helping mom in her Spanish class. I didn't know that this summer will be fill with tasks and activities that keep my mind so occupied. On the bright side, my aunt move out of the house after some unfortunate quarrels and so the house is once again quiet and a peaceful place to enjoy life lolz. How are you today?

~Here is me w/ the dirty mirror. lolz sorry

~So my sister went to Australia to visit my grandma and some cousins that live there. I really want to tag along next time T_T. She brought home great souvenirs though ^^
~Australian t-shirt, pencil pouch, nougat candies and lots of kangaroos and koala bears keychain lolz

~Last but not least she brought home my belated birthday present which is an Ugg boot. In Colorado, this is something you will need and wear for a whole winter lolz. I have a black one this one is just added to add in the variety of my shoe type during the winter.

~On saturday, we went swimming and having dinner with Nikky and Megan (I didn't take any pictures sorry!). Megan brought over my belated birthday presents as well!
~Hamtaro HAT (she knitted it herself) So talented my dear Megan ^^

~She also knitted the handwarmer for me (with gray and bow). Since silver and bows are my two fav thing in the world lolz

~Pretty neat eh?

~I also received a rice charm necklace. Which you can see the charm said serenity and then my name on the back. It's so pretty and well made.They said something about the tradition began in Turkey. Which is quite interesting.

~Nikky gave me a Forever 21 gift card for my birthday and so I decided to have a shopping haul!

~Needed jean short

~More short

~Skirt and legging

Pink tunic

~These are pretty essential pieces that I figured that I will need for the summer. I think i will a mix and match post next time lolz


~Australian pictures ^^

~Kangaroos ^^. My sister told me in Australia they sell kangaroo's meat in the market. I was horrified. Why would you eat such a gentle creature like this?Beside only on their continent have this animal so should they help preserve it?tsk tsk

~Koala ^^

The infamous opera house


~It's so pretty! I wish I could take the trip as well ^^. My mom said she will take me when I graduated from high school as a special trip. Sigh! Don't we all need a vacation nowaday?

~So have you guys took a vacation yet?If so where and when?Did you guys have fun?

~XOXO Charlotte