* Live update & Australia*

Hello lovely bloggers ^^,

Sorry for not updating for so long. I have been super busy with driving practices and helping mom in her Spanish class. I didn't know that this summer will be fill with tasks and activities that keep my mind so occupied. On the bright side, my aunt move out of the house after some unfortunate quarrels and so the house is once again quiet and a peaceful place to enjoy life lolz. How are you today?

~Here is me w/ the dirty mirror. lolz sorry

~So my sister went to Australia to visit my grandma and some cousins that live there. I really want to tag along next time T_T. She brought home great souvenirs though ^^
~Australian t-shirt, pencil pouch, nougat candies and lots of kangaroos and koala bears keychain lolz

~Last but not least she brought home my belated birthday present which is an Ugg boot. In Colorado, this is something you will need and wear for a whole winter lolz. I have a black one this one is just added to add in the variety of my shoe type during the winter.

~On saturday, we went swimming and having dinner with Nikky and Megan (I didn't take any pictures sorry!). Megan brought over my belated birthday presents as well!
~Hamtaro HAT (she knitted it herself) So talented my dear Megan ^^

~She also knitted the handwarmer for me (with gray and bow). Since silver and bows are my two fav thing in the world lolz

~Pretty neat eh?

~I also received a rice charm necklace. Which you can see the charm said serenity and then my name on the back. It's so pretty and well made.They said something about the tradition began in Turkey. Which is quite interesting.

~Nikky gave me a Forever 21 gift card for my birthday and so I decided to have a shopping haul!

~Needed jean short

~More short

~Skirt and legging

Pink tunic

~These are pretty essential pieces that I figured that I will need for the summer. I think i will a mix and match post next time lolz


~Australian pictures ^^

~Kangaroos ^^. My sister told me in Australia they sell kangaroo's meat in the market. I was horrified. Why would you eat such a gentle creature like this?Beside only on their continent have this animal so should they help preserve it?tsk tsk

~Koala ^^

The infamous opera house


~It's so pretty! I wish I could take the trip as well ^^. My mom said she will take me when I graduated from high school as a special trip. Sigh! Don't we all need a vacation nowaday?

~So have you guys took a vacation yet?If so where and when?Did you guys have fun?

~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

such cute stuff u got *pat pat*

LaPetiteIchigo said...

you get really cute things, esp that handmade are so lovely ^^

and i really like your new skirt and that yellow/black shorts. soo cute ^.<

Ken said...

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cominica-ai said...

thanks for your comment dear!

btw, the hamtaro hat is so cutee, aahh i want it >.<

I really want to go to Ausie too, to visit my relative there and KOALAS are just so damnn cuteee.

ShinyPrettyThings said...

awww the kangaroos & koalas are adorable!

and i love the arm warmers too! even more awesome cause they're handmade ^_^

Maeve Rachel said...

Everything is so pretty! I love those arm warmers! They are so cute! I've always wanted to go to Australia too! I love your blog, I'm now following you! Hope you can check mine out sometime too =)

MartilaMi said...

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