Dear life (post 1)

***Note to blogger: This post is different than my normal post. This is my diary of a sort and it's a way that I reflect life ***

~I used to wish for a world without war. Without hate. But then I realized that it was illogical to wish for such things. If there was no war, no hate then we couldn’t put a reason to define the word love and peace anymore. What if the world was an acceptance place? What if everyone couldn’t understand the frowning, the crying and the heartache? Then does it mean there was nothing that could be describe as true happiness?. I was once a person who doesn’t understand or know what true hatreds were. Until recently, that hatred was something far and yet it penetrated deep into my soul. I couldn’t extend my hands to ask for help because I realized that the people around me were the one hating me. What is it that makes them hated me so much? It was an action! A vulnerable one and yet I judged it to be a concise one. Would I change my action? No I would not. But if I could I would ask to be a bit more patience and calm. Why is it so hard to hate on someone rather than love someone? Even your mind tells you it’s immoral to subject a single person to such hatreds, darkness and tears.

~"And then you give up and pose that brave stand. At last, you ask for nothing in return and everything to give. "


I learn how to smile today and consider myself a lucky star. I don’t know when I had forgotten to smile in pictures but it soon becomes a habit and I hide myself from the world. I wish that I realized sooner that a smile mean more than just a good picture, it also mean a creation of happiness.

~There seem to be four phases in my smile

~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

u dun need to have fb to join! <3

jilliancat said...

Smile, because you wouldn't know who is in love with your smile. :)

Miss Independent said...

aww... cute puppy!

Michelle said...

your dog is so adorable!! ^_^

D.Sadie said...

Great post. I love all the pictures. =)


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