Would you wait for me?

Hello love,
It is spring again! a new beginning, a new start and perhaps a new depression have started. Why does it feel so hard to be yourself? To keep wishing for something else...something better than yourself. Why am I so lacking? Why can't I be like her/him?...Why?Why?Why?
-I know that the pressure should push me to grow, but it doesn't feel good...No, it is sure as hell doesn't feel good!
-Then why...why did I decided that this revolution is necessary?
....Because my soul is sick of being afraid, of being scared and of being the "second best"
Selfies :)

Random update
-Making my first beef stroganoff. 
-Easter egg break off to find a white chocolate duck! So cute!
A mini photoshoot with Nikky


- I missed being at peace! I'm constantly striving for perfection. I'm afraid...afraid that once I stop...I will lost the definition of who I am...or at least what people think I am


---The makeup post--

Hello lovely blogger,
I'm so sorry for abandon my blog lately (midterm exams in multiple classes). I'm kind of afraid to check my grade right now so I decide to distract myself by blogging lolz.
-Do you know the  makeup brand called E.L.F? They are a super cheap makeup brand but with pretty decent quality if you want to try out new  colors :)
-I ordered some the other day:

 Here are the swatches of the lipstick and lip stains I bought.
Quick check up?
Some of the blogger ask me what I carry in my travel makeup bag. So here it is:

1. mirror compact
2. Clinique lipstick in coral blush
3. Moxie lipgloss (bare mineral) in daredevil
4. Nivea chapstick (with spf 15)
5. Blink contact lenses eyedrops
4. Bandages and hair tie (lolz! I'm such a klutz)
5. Oil blotting paper (very important!)
-This is my school makeup bag- I don't carry much because I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom just to apply them on lolz. These are for emergency only
Ipsy March bag

 -Such a cute bag this time :)

So the theme for this bag is: The great escape :)
What in the bag
1. Juice beauty hydrating mist
2. Yaby eyeshadows
3. Glam RX palette
4. LA fresh makeup remover
-There are a lot of negative feedbacks on this bag. To be honest, beside the cute bag I was not very excited about the products either. But hey! It is only $10 and I think the eyeshadows and the magnetic palette is soooo cute :D
Love with food March box
 -So I try out a new subscription this month. It is called love with food where each box is $10+$2 shipping and for every box you buy, the company donated one to those in need.
What in the box:
1. Dark Chocolate Orange Fortune cookie
2. Granola from Ola!
3. Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas
4. Fruit and Veggie Juice from Kids 50
5. Salted Caramel Baked Corn from Cosmos Creations
6. Green Tea Infuser from Revolution Tea
7. Wholesome snacks from Mary's Gone Crackers
8. Wild Berry Flat Fruit
-Aside from the Green tea and the salted caramel corn, all the other products tasted really weird :(. I really hate wasabi and that thing seriously taste really bad :(
-So I'm unsubscribe from this box *sigh*
-Righttttttttttttttt!!!!! :D

Knick knacks

This is call a cable tie. It's really cute and handy lolz. I use it to tie my headphone which get so tangle everyday. You can get it for cheap at amazon :)
-Anthropologie's wallpapers samplers
-Such gorgeous colors. I'm saving them to make origami afterward lolz
-One more week till spring break guy!!! Let's survive together :D