Would you wait for me?

Hello love,
It is spring again! a new beginning, a new start and perhaps a new depression have started. Why does it feel so hard to be yourself? To keep wishing for something else...something better than yourself. Why am I so lacking? Why can't I be like her/him?...Why?Why?Why?
-I know that the pressure should push me to grow, but it doesn't feel good...No, it is sure as hell doesn't feel good!
-Then why...why did I decided that this revolution is necessary?
....Because my soul is sick of being afraid, of being scared and of being the "second best"
Selfies :)

Random update
-Making my first beef stroganoff. 
-Easter egg break off to find a white chocolate duck! So cute!
A mini photoshoot with Nikky


- I missed being at peace! I'm constantly striving for perfection. I'm afraid...afraid that once I stop...I will lost the definition of who I am...or at least what people think I am


Lara Lizard said...

You need to chill out at times, just enjoy the moment and forget about everything else :)
xo, Lara

Kati カティ said...

I know the feeling of wanting to be something else or somebody else than you. But you seem to be so lovely person and so cute too so hopefully you can find to be happy about yourself as you are! ^^ Sorry my English! But Very lovely photography! <3 <3

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie I understand your feeling. But the best thing than you can do is be yourself always.



Mei said...

Hi dear, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I can definitely relate to how you feel... it's so hard to achieve "perfection" (which is impossible) so all you can do is always do your best.

Mei Hearts

Mei said...

And yes, let's be friends/ blog buddies ^_^

Sindy said...

pretty! lovely pictures!


Sakuranko said...

You are my Liebster Award nominee. I hope you participate and have fun.


Alexis said...

You're so gorgeous! I love the lip color :)
and the beef stroganoff looks delish!