Sweet freedom

Hello bloggers,
Sorry for a huge (semi-permanent gap) about my blogging schedule lately. I was so busy with uni finals and homework that I neglect my social life for a while lolz
-Oh calculus! I'm so glad you are over!
---------------------------------------------------- Two cosmetics---------------------
I bought two cosmetic items the other day. It came in a super cute bag and I received a free lip gloss as well *yay*. Their eyeshadow is very pigmented and go on smooth. I definitely recommend this brand :)

Bento, Bento...Here is my cute bento I bought the other day. My mom thought it was for squirrel food because it is so freaking small. She like are you on a diet?
 summer and cute friendship bracelets? ;)

So summer started right about now for me. I feel a bit lonely because work and school are over and I don't know what to do with myself for the next two months (not that I love the school load, of course!). I tend to abandon things when I entered school and then those things/friends become unfamiliar when I needed them again :/
And so...we could never win :). Life take us on this strange journey and sometime we forgot who we are. Maybe I should do some sould searching this summer lolz.
Well ta-ta for now, have any fun summer plans?
-XOXO Charlotte

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Mei said...

Ah summer just started for me too! Super excited and I hate calculus probably more than any class ever haha. Hope you are done with it now!