*Birthday + shiseido?*

Hello everyone,

~My birthday was on May 23rd but my sister was on vacation and so is most people in my family lolz so we didn't have a big birthday party. Most of my family members just give me money so on the day of my birthday, my friend and I just go shopping. This is somewhat a show and tell kind of thing lolz
1. What I bought for myself:
~Wind chime
~Flip flop
~A thousand splendid sun book *amazing I think I will cried again*
~Girl Got game manga

~The wind chime was really cute in a tiny kit

~Proudly on top of my room
~They also give out "I am loved" pins in different languages. I got some in Hindi, Spanish, Bengali, Chinese, and of course English. My friends tried to find a Vietnamese onefor me but we couldn't find it T_T
~Who doesn't need a pair of new flip flop for the summer?^^
~What people got me?Money and uh....these
~V.S giftcard and Edgar Allen poe tales (I love reading scary stories at night lolz)

~Shiseido lip condition with SPF 10 and a cute jewelry box

With and without shiseido lip conditioner on my lip. My lip is really crack before and then the lip balm really give me that shine and smoothness ^^
Rating: 5/5 ^^


~There more I guess coming when people go back from vacation (can't wait lolz) ^^

Junior Escort
What is a junior escort?

~In my school to be a junior escort you have to be the top 10 of your school based on your G.P.A (grade point average). You can then attend the senior graduation and be in graduation gown yourself leading the senior class to receive their diploma. It was RAINNING on that day!!! Not fun to run back inside!

~It was cold so tight is a must

~The dress I wear under my graduation gown (forever 21)

~We have to go lead the senior class down the steep ramp to their "field" and so no high heel were recommended and so I decide to buy those comfort black flat

~It was indeed an amazing experience and look great on college application lolz ^^
~Shiseido gift set (I think if you buy two or more skin care item you got this mini set). I choosed the white lucent set (amazing)

~I think this probably last me a long time ^^ ~The weather is really gloomy/rainy nowaday. BUt at least everything is green! AND
~Walle keep on shinning (cousin holding him)

~I am now 17th years old. Hmm! Don't know what today is but I feel extremely lazy since the moment I woke up. *Yawn* I guess I should start applying for scholarship and look for another job now. Lolz. Summer finally started but it didn't feel like it one bit because my aunt family still staying at our house and the house is a zoo cage. Oh well! Happiness take time right?^^. How was your day?Did summer started for you yet?

~XOXO Charlotte


Marion ♥ said...

Hi :D Thanks for commenting back. Will follow you now ~ <3

Lina Kim ♥ said...

wwaaaah happy sweet seventeen to you~!!! wish u all d best always=D

Ken said...

happy birthday! sorry i didn't get you a gift!

LaPetiteIchigo said...

happy birthday ^^ wooo~ lot of cute presents ^^ that dress are really nice :)
and you have such a lovely dog ^^

Stevia said...

happy birthday!