*1 more week + E.L.F haul*

Hello love,
~Well life just got a whole lot better since I'm finish with all my A.P tests but still got normal class to deal with. But it's okay one week and everything will be alright ^^

~My face ^^

~Blow fish face *I know it's annoying but can't help it*
~~The Adorable lace shirt that I got from F21

~So Nikky and I got a haul from E.L.F

~My part


1. Blush and bronzing brush *** --> not bad for a dollar

2. Foundation brush ***

3. Eyeshadow brush ****--> very soft compare to the other

4. E.L.F studio brush *****--> love this brush so so much. It's so soft and great as a powder brush

5.E.L.F french manicure set ****--> cute

6. E.L.F golden goddess nail polish ***** (picture show below)

7. E.L.F essentials therapeutic conditioning lip palm in strawberry creme **** (cute color/very moisturize) However you might want to have a lip scrub before hand

8. All Over color stick in Pink lemonade *** (it's a pretty nice shimmer but doesn't look like the color swatch in the website at all)

~Overall I'm happy with my haul

~Will ask Nikky to do a review on her haul later

~Her birthday is May 14th. Happy Birthday HONEY!!!!
~The E.L.F nail polish in Golden goddess. I think it would look so much nicer with another color underneath. What u think?

~And I got a new LG phone! with a new phone cover and blue tooth set. What you think?^^

~My friend said it's so me lolz. Whatever that mean

~The aunt family is really getting on our nerves. Time for them to get out and move out! AHHH!

~Guys are strange indeed. There was this boy in my school who I hated since the beginning of the year. He hated me too I believe. But then in strange circumstances we become "friend". And then he start writting good things about me (on comment for school and such) and he become somewhat caring comparing to before. But then awkward glances are given (the one that you catch his glance, he held it and then quickly look away). I have no idea if he like me or not but yeah things are strange and he was asking me who my bf is. Whatever =_=. I really don't feel like entangling myself in some love drama anymore.

~How was ur week lolz?

~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

cute cute blowfish~!

LaPetiteIchigo said...

lovely top ^^..i love clothes from F21, but i only can watch them on web because in my country, we don't have shops with F21 :(
and i like your phone cover, it's so fresh ^^
oh and i don't think blowfish is annoying, it says girls that don't know do it cute :D

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

your lace shirt is cute :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jo said...

Your top is so pretty! I love white lace!


Collections said...

Love the sparkly nail polish!

Fashionable Collections

Stevia said...

i don't think your blowfish face annoying! ;)
i love the prints on your mobile phone!

and that guy sounds so strange...


Marion ♥ said...

Oooh. Love that shirt! Anyway, Hi :) Saw you on soompi! <3 Let's be friends? ^^ Write me back <3