(︶︿︶) Almost there

~Hello everyone, Charlotte here ^^! I'm so sorry for not blogging for so long. Life have been very difficult. My aunt and uncle along with their two small children move to my house from San Diego. I don't mind them but you know how after a while you get really annoying when the kids running and screaming around the house while you are trying to do homework or studying? I wish they would come over during the summer where the stress is somewhat subdued.
~At least the flowers are blooming again ^^
~Have you noticed all those cheap accesories from Forever 21? I purchased some but like all the other stuffs I don't think it will last very long lolz

~My current favorite lotion

~New shiseido lipstick. Forgot what the shade was but it like a darker pink (which somehow according to my aunt very good with my skin tone)

~She give me this purse with makeup brush *quality is ehh...*

~Received my freebies bag from Target *yay*

~Love the mini lotion and the Neutrogena chapstick
~I finally know how to make these friendship bracelets now Ahhh! ^^

~And on the final note. A picture of Walle
~It's a rainny day for me right now. Nothing have make me smile nowaday. My heart is plunge into a deep sadness but I hope a sunny day will come soon

~What about you guys?^^

~XOXO Charlotte


나니 said...

Thank you so much for your comment : D I didn't really experience the polish chipping at all - my only problem is always to sit still while the polish dries so that I don't knick it -__-" Hehehe

Oww you posted a photo of snow drops <3 My absolute FAVORITE flower! And I really like the necklace! Oh.. and your dog is so cute :'D Shih tzu? Tibetan Spaniel?

Codeine said...

sweet dog

나니 said...

WOOOH! I'm good, huh? ; D hahahaha!
I feel better today! : D YAY! I should take the dogs for a walk or something.. The weather is AMAZING these days!

Bommiie said...

I want a Forever 21 in my country too TT
I hope they will open up at least 1 soon.

I love Shiseido ♥

Your dog is so cuteee ♥♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte!!
Thank you for your comment!
I was very happy!
A next entry will come soon ^^

I like the blue and white bag very much xDDD
And the cosmetic stuff is nice, too!!!
Could you take a photo of you while wearing the lipstick????

And Walle is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
He looks really cute!!!!!
I love him ^^

Koko =)

Stevia said...

i love your cardigan!
oh no..
hopefully the kids will behave nicely from now on!


geu.rae.seo said...

I'd say that they're decently long lasting.. it depends on what you do while wearing it. However, it's not one of the most incredibly long lasting lippies you'll find out there. It's barely 3 bucks though, so I wouldn't complain : P They're SO creamy and pigmented and soft to wear.. so it's definitely worth it : D

나니 said...

^ okay. That up there was me. My Blogger account just went a little nuts >_<"

Sandy ♥ said...

omg ! your doggy is soooo cuteeeee <3 ^_^ so flufffffy look ! ~

Stevia said...

i just followed you back, charlotte!

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