***Did you miss me?***

Dear lovely reader ^^,
~It's my spring break and yet I still don't have time to upload my blog daily *slap myself*. SOrwwy! Anyway, spring break is pretty peaceful and relaxing comparing to others. Well first off let start of with baby walle.

"I'm going to school !!"

~So we went up to the mountain place and stay at my mom's friend house. His house is adorable with lots of pink lolz. Our room (Nikky an I) have a jacuzzi which is extremely nice

~Nikky helping with the cleaning so that we can use it lolz

Here the random photos we took

~Yup that's it. How was your spring break?
~By the way, do you want to join a dress up website with me?^^. You can add me to be your friend if you click on my doll picture on the right side bar---------------------> It's really fun and addicting ^^. Just tell me who you are when you add me in ^^
~I wish I could get my license soon. I have to wait till June to get it. By the way! Do you believe that you can fall in love with a person you hated in the beginning?weird
~P.S. love you all
~XOXO Charlotte


Elisa ♥ said...

nice pictures ^^ !! pretty viewww

Anonymous said...

Of cours I missed you =)
And little Wally is sooooooo cute!!!!!
I everytime fall in love again xDDD
And the other pictures are sooo awesome!!!!
I like them soo much!
I also can't post anything, because I'm busy at the moment ^^°
But I try to post again ^^
And I also will add you at poupeegirl ;)
I'm Koko there, too ;)

Koko =)

Rave said...