Blog update and BB cream for sale! ^^

Hola everyone,

~I'm sorry for been gone for so long. I was being super duper busy with tests and such. I seriously hate A.P biology now <-- can't believe I just said that. Well on the bright side, I'm not dead and blogging again right?lolz. How are you my dear bloggers?I missed you
~Let start with baby walle and his victoria secret bow eh?^^
~So Nikky come over for Valentine weekend lolz. We were playing that one kpop game where they take out the wooden block and keep rebuilding it until it falls?We got really far actually ^^

~Then we went to the mall. Border bookstore is closing down at the mall near my house and it makes me really sad. But everything is 30% to 50% off. I got some chapter books and this adorable pencil case ^^. It have doggies all over it lolz ~My dead tire face after school. I need a haircut, it getting massive lolz
~I hate bio now. So much test, so much chapters to study!!!!! AHHH! I woke up till 2 o'clock to study grr

School outfit!

~Mom bought me a white motorcycle jacket lolz. She refused to get me a black one(something about it makes me look like a gangster)

~I'm so scare of making it dirty since it was very expensive T_T

~Then some cardigan for the spring/summer ^^

~I like the back of the cardigan the most ^^

and and and and!!! a new bag for school Squeak! Did I tell you I love my mom?lolz


it was a white camry and of course I will show it to you in the next blog

~On President day, the body shop was offering free shipping and some really good deal.

~I got this set that includ the mask, lotion, bath soak and wash glove for $10 O_O

My favorite was the mask ^^

~Target also send me some sample for the Maybelline foundation fitme. This is really helpful lolz

~Well this is the skinfood bb cream (Aloe Sun BB Cream no.2)I just got
~Skin food is made of all natural products. I really really like it but it didn't match my skin tone T_T. WHy? just when I thought I found the perfect bb cream! I mean it was great in oil control, good coverage that doesn't feel to thick but then dun dun! doesn't match
~Swatch comparision. As you can see the skinfood aloe is a bit more pink tone. And I'm yeallow toned
~With Flash

~Well so I'll be selling it back now. The bb cream is like brand new I just do the swatch on my hand to see the color T_T . The retail is $25 shipped directly from Korea but I be selling it to you guys for $17 shipped. I only ship in the U.S. ONLY!!! with Concealed Cash or check. As for reliable, I'm currently sold over million of items on soompi and amazon so feel free to check out my feedback and whitelisted there ^^

~Comment below if you are interested. Thanks guys! ^^.

~Thank you so much guys! If you can please spread the sale around ^^.

~WEll it getting really late so I have to go now. It wasn't a bad week but a little bit too stressful with all tests T_T
~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

omg wat a cute doggie~ i want to steal it~

나니 said...

Ohh myyy! Walle is so CUTE *_* Is he a Lhasa Apso or something? Or maybe a Tibetan Spaniel? LOL. I'm a DOG freak. Completely. I know so many breeds it's getting embarrassing ó_Ò"

Thanks for your comment <3 :'D -sends virtual cookie-

나니 said...

Well, he's adorable :'D <3 I love smaller dogs. I've been raised among big dogs all my life, so I get all weird about small dogs cause I don't see them often. XD

Thanks for your comment <3 I do use foundation for my photos! : D I use my ABSOLUTE favorite "Revlon ColorStay Active" in Buff. It's very light coverage but super buildable and just enough to even out skin tone and all :'D Love it! <3

fleurcoco said...

i got it from online shop at facebook :)
at the first its so ugly! then i styling it
and it looks so much better now :D
thanks dear!
btw the baviphat bb cream shade is kinda into my shade, i wanna try it! :)