Happy Valentine Day =D

~Hello everyone, Happy valentine day from me and Nikky =D.

~So Nami and I alway have the tradition of spending Valentine Day together. Lolz, maybe that's why we can't date anyone.

 ~Here is Nikky!

 ~Yum the food is amazing XD
~Also we went to build a bear and I saw a bear with spider man costume and get WAY TOO excited lolz. They have hello Kitty at build a bear now! I'm definitely getting one soon XD

And then we play around with the camera in my room. Nikky always make me laugh and I love her sooooo much =D

~Happy Valentine Day everyone. =D
~XOXO Charlotte


Bambi said...

Aww that's lovely, Valentine's day shouldn't just be about couples, hanging out with friends is just as great :) Looks like you had a lovely time!

Ken said...

long time no see charlotte!

Pu3 said...

You're getting prettier and prettier ;D