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Dear bloggers,
~I made a promise to myself that I will write a post that mark the end of 2012. Usually, I reflected on events over the year so here goes:
~2012 was a very interested year ( a large transition, sleepless nights and fearful flashback). I was alone and sometimes it was lonely but toward the end I was at peace (somewhat, lolz).
~For the NEW YEAR, I do not wish to make any new resolution (since most of them ended up failing anyway lolz) but I do wish to BE TRUE TO MYSELF, to be more grateful for what I have and neglected what others said. I wish to NOT judge people because I am not perfect myself.
~It was last night that I question myself of "why do I want to become a doctor/or dentist in the future?" Is it the right thing for me? Is it what I really wanted or just because it's simply for the money? I'm not sure myself....and I'm scare to ask myself that question again....
Anyway, let's move on shall we? ^^. Here is the small *economical* Christmas tree this year!

 Family night

My favorite gift this year! :D
Also, I finally got myself an Otter Box case for my Iphone :D
~Nikky and I are fighting again. I'm so tire of being the one who always initiated plans. I felt left out as well. Perhaps, it is time for me to move on and not longing for the glorious past. *sigh*
~My old laptop crashed O_o (yeah I was SO depressed) but I got a new Samsung laptop which put a heavy dent in my credit card. Is it bad to be in debt so early in the year? *sigh*
~Well I hope you guys have a glorious New Year. *mwah*

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