~A little Love

Hello my lovely readers,
~I'm so sorry for slacking on blogging lately. Applications for universities and A.P classes really taken a toll in my life. Did you know it's extremely difficult to get in Medical school nowaday? T_T
 ~Meet up with the little cousins last friday. They were so adorable

~I wish I was a little kids again. They are so carefree and adorable. 

 I feel for a slice of delicious cheesecake right now hehe :) Don't you just love passing by a bakery display and stare at it for hours just because it's so beautiful?
~Ahh the beautiful maccarons. tsk!
Hair products of the month!
And the winner is:
Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Flat Iron Perfector Spray! This is an amazing product which minimize frizz and give you that sleek shine look you see on T.V. It also make the process of straightening your hair super easy by making it easier to glide your hairstraightener across your hair. =D
love love love!
~Exams, college applications, scholarship handouts, dorm AHHH! okay I need one of those maccaron to de-stress my life. Or maybe getting a new life haha.
~XOXO Charlotte

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